Downsizing in NYC – why are decluttering and storage units your best friends

Regardless of how big your home in New York City is, it would be wise to apply some ways to get more space. With that in mind, you should know why are decluttering and storage units your best friends when it comes to this job. So, take your time, and make sure you are prepared well for downsizing in NYC. This adventure will be daunting, but you will be more than happy with the accomplished results.

Create a strategy!

To get more space in your home in New York City, your best friend will be decluttering. For sure, it will be overwhelming when you start looking at your stuff and wondering what to get rid of and what is staying but still, you have to do it. That’s is the only way you will gain free area for something else in your NYC home. So, grab your pen and paper, and create an inventory list. Separate those belongings into categories, and prepare for the next task. That is to find out the best solution for your unwanted properties. It will help figure out many possible options for you to choose from. For example, you can sell, donate, or toss them. Or, you can explore some of the best storage organization ideas for beginners if you decide to keep them safe until the next use.

Living room.
The first thing you need to do is to go room by room when downsizing in NYC.

Where to begin with downsizing in NYC?

  • Start with the room you use the least
  • Decide where undesired items will go. 
  • If you have in mind to use the storage, learn how to prepare your belongings for that place.
  • Collect enough packing materials and other necessary supplies.
  • Use plenty of assistance. Gather some tips and tricks for organizing, decluttering, and packing.

Also, if you are planning some major changes when downsizing, it would be a great idea to have professionals by your side. To learn more about this, the company Divine Moving and Storage and similar ones will help you out a lot to get everything you need for this mission.

Ways to declutter your properties

If your items are in good shape, there are no reasons why you should think about selling them. This way, you can even earn along with getting rid of it. In other words, it is a win-win. Then, for items you planned to give away, donation might be the perfect solution. Tossing will be a great opportunity to solve the problem of belongings that are unusable, and unfunctional. So, everything that bothers you, that is old, and not used for a while, should be on this pile. But, if you have items that are still in the game but they are lack free space, you should put them in storage. Just learn how to pack for storage, and you can rest assured knowing nothing bad will happen to them. 

Packing supplies you'll need for downsizing in NYC.
To remove unnecessary items from your NYC home, you need to prepare the right supplies for downsizing.

Storage will be your best friend when downsizing in NYC

For everything you want to keep, you should consider a handy solution for extra itemsStorage is the best way for items to be close to you and ready for use. Those belongings can be the ones you are not using often. For example, your Christmas decorations, patio furniture, toys, tools, and more. Perhaps the greatest solution for them will be to places them in long-term storage. These spaces are well-maintained and completely secured, so you will have nothing to worry about when comes to their protection. Your precious properties will be ready for use in no time.

What else you should think about when downsizing in NYC?

In all that madness of getting rid of the mess, there is something you might want to do. Well, depending on how big the process of cleaning in your home is, it will be a good idea to have the right assistance by your side to make sure everything is over according to the schedule. IIn that case, perhaps you should work with some local NYC movers. You see their help is just around the corner, and they will handle all thing you want. For an affordable price, those people will take care of your belongings and you as well. You can also hire them to move you out for a while if your declutter requires so.

Labeled moving boxes.
Don’t forget to label your boxes properly when preparing them for storage.

How to declutter and downsize your items in NYC?

  • The bedroom – If you do this room right, you will get plenty of space to work with. Throw the sheets that are torn and damaged. Decide what you will do with the clothing you are no longer wearing. 
  • The kitchen is probably the last room you should downsize. Considering you will use it all the time, it is probably best to handle it in the end. 
  • Once you get rid of those things, you should check out some practical ways for organizing your kitchen. If it is possible, you can rearrange the positions of the cabinets and appliances, add some new features to the place, etc.
  • The bathroom also requires lots of cleaning. So, make sure to get empty bottles, expired medications from the medicine cabinet, and unnecessary products.

Why is downsizing important?

In the end, this process will help you get rid of anything you didn’t wear or used for a very long time. You should do this job every once in a while, so you can have everything clean and organized. Decluttering can also help you with getting rid of items that are no longer in good condition. Also, apart from being devastating and complex, the process will allow you to arrange the space from the beginning. Everything will be clean, decorated, and furnished as you want. There will be no properties that are bulky, unfunctional, and tedious. Take your time to prepare well so you can find the best solution for your unwanted things.

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