Moving to Queens? Neighborhoods you should check out

New York City has always been a popular destination for a living. Simply, for this city, people say that dreams come true and that is right. With a population of over 8 million people, there is room for everybody and you can experience a lot of new things and opportunities. If you are moving to New York for the first time, you will be charmed even more. As you probably already know, NYC has five main boroughs. But, in this case, we are talking more precisely about moving to Queens. This borough in NYC has a lot of neighborhoods and it can be really suitable for a living. So, let us present to you which neighborhoods you should consider for a new place of living.

When moving to Queens, these neighborhoods can be suitable for you

Most people wonder how to pick the right neighborhood before moving to NYC. When we talk about Queens, this borough has a population of over 2 million people. This means that there are plenty of options to choose from for the place of living. Still, let us present to you the most popular ones:

  • Forest Hills.
  • Astoria.
  • Woodside is one of the places to consider when moving to Queens.
  • Kew Gardens.
  • The Rockaways.

All these neighborhoods are suitable for living and you will adapt to each of them with ease. However, in order to make the right decision, we will present each of them to you.

Forest Hills

This Queens neighborhood is known as a family-friendly one. All residents will say to you that the streets are safe, there are beautiful parks and good schools. So, for people who are looking to raise a family and when they are relocating to Queens, this neighborhood should be on their bucket list. Most apartments and houses in Forrest Hills are modern, but you can still find the old-fashioned styles. Be sure that with your family, you will enjoy this beautiful neighborhood and you will discover a lot of exciting things. If you decide to move to Forest Hills, just remember that you should plan your move in advance. In this way, you will stay organized and move with ease.


When we talk about Astoria, this is one of the most popular neighborhoods when people are moving to Queens. This neighborhood is also known as one of the most affordable ones for a living. The downtown is near. It is only 20 minutes of driving from Astoria to the city center. Also, the prices of buying and renting are affordable. The most popular destination in this neighborhood is Astoria Park. In your free time, you can always visit this beautiful park, organize a picnic with your friends or family, and enjoy the beautiful weather. Astoria has some other living benefits such as always finding a reliable moving crew to help you to move to a different address. In other words, you can team up with crews in the area really simple. Just contact them on time and set all the things.

A sculpture garden in Astoria, one of the places to consider when moving to Queens.
Prices in Astoria are affordable.

Woodside is one of the places to consider when moving to Queens

Speaking about Woodside, this neighborhood is known as both residential and commercial. This means that in this neighborhood, you can find good places for a living and a lot of companies. So, if you are relocating to Queens to find a job, Woodside is the first neighborhood where you should look. The population is over 83,000 people. Residents from Woodside are friendly and warm. So, finding and making new friends is going to be really simple. Also, there are a lot of outdoor activities such as bars, restaurants, parks, etc. Another benefit is always finding reliable moving assistance. For instance, if at some point you need to change your address, you will have reliable people ready to jump in. Be sure that reliable movers will help you to make a local move in a smooth and stress-free way.

Kew Gardens

Known as the affordable version of Forest Hills, Kew Gardens is located in the center of Queens. The costs of living are affordable and you can find a lot of outdoor activities in Kew Gardens. Also, it is near Forest Hills, the first neighborhood on this list. The prices of both renting and buying are affordable and you can save money. If you decide that Kew Gardens is your future destination, remember to have reliable moving assistance for it. When looking for a company that will provide you with different types of high-quality services, just visit the website and contact the crew from this company. By using their assistance, you can expect that you will move with ease!

The interior of a bar.
You can find a lot of outdoor activities in Kew Gardens.

The Rockaways

Last but not least is the Rockaways. For beach lovers, who are thinking to relocate to Queens, this should be the priority destination! The prices for housing are affordable ones, you will have beautiful weather, it is a great neighborhood for raising a family and many other things. Also, this community is known as warm and friendly. You can expect that you will be welcomed nice and that you will make a lot of new friends with ease. For both situations, you can find a lot of options when we talk about renting and buying. Renting is definitely a good option for the first period in order to see if you are going to adapt or not. Also, do not forget that like when you have the upsides of renting an apartment in Brooklyn, it is the same thing for the Rockaways.

A beach in Rockaway.
Beach lovers will enjoy Rockaway.

Moving to Queens is an opportunity that you should not miss

As you can see, all these neighborhoods are suitable for a living and you can definitely experience new things. So, there is no doubt if moving to Queens is a good decision or not. Keep in mind that when you relocate to this beautiful borough, you have all these beautiful neighborhoods and many other things. So, prepare properly for your upcoming relocation and move as soon as possible.

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