New York family moving to Texas: where to search for your perfect home

When you’re responsible for the whole family, simple house hunting becomes more complicated. The place where you raise your family has a huge role, that’s why it needs to be perfect. And if you’re leaving New York, the location you pick needs to be everything you couldn’t find in NYC. Therefore, for those families that are moving to Texas, we prepared a very useful guide. We present you with the best places to search for your perfect home and begin a new life chapter there.

Why Texas is a great alternative to NYC?

If you still have second thoughts about leaving NYC, we are sure that you don’t know about the advantages of moving to Texas. There are several reasons why you’re about to make a great decision and move to the Lone Star State:

  • affordability – this is probably the first reason why people with families leave NYC. In Texas, you can find a more spacious, yet more affordable home;
  • sports – NYC is a place of sports, but Texas’ sports culture is no behind. People here love cheering for their favorite teams and watch games with their families;
  • flourishing economy – those looking for a job don’t have to worry. Texas has one of the healthiest economies in the US, so getting a job or launch a startup won’t be a problem here;
  • it’s family-friendly – Texas cities are relatively safe and offer great education options, which makes them great for families.
a city to consider if you're moving to Texas from NYC
Many cities can be a great alternative to New York – choose the best place when moving to Texas.

Where to search for your perfect home when moving to Texas?

Here’s the selection of the best locations in Texas, for families moving from NYC. Narrow your search and find your new dream home!


A favorite among families, Benbrook is located in Tarrant County. The suburb has a population of about 24,000 and is one of the best places to raise a family in Texas. The suburban feel is what people love about this place. Furthermore, you can expect a smooth relocation to Benbrook – it’s easy to find help around the corner, and feel safe during the moving process. 

North Richland Hills

Another place where you can settle in nicely with experts’ help is North Richland Hills. Apart from a simple relocation, you can expect affordable homes and a welcoming community. The place offers a high quality of life, which is very important if you’re relocating with your family. 


This charming suburb of Austin is a great place to consider if you’re moving to Texas with your family. The place has it all – proximity to the city center with the rural vibe, highly rated schools, parks, restaurants, coffee shops, etc. The small population of about 2,000 forms a friendly community, which can be a true refreshment when you’re coming from a huge city like New York.

The Woodlands

This family-friendly city is perfect for those families who love to spend time outdoors. Located just outside Houston, this place offers a lot of nature, great schools, numerous entertainment options, and affordable housing.

a family talking about moving to Texas
You only choose the best for your family – finding a new home can be a challenging task.

How to pick the best place to live?

Moving to Texas with your family can be challenging, as there are many great places to live. To be able to choose the best one, you should narrow your search according to your family’s needs, work situation, budget, and other factors. This will give you the top results, which you can visit and see where you feel most at home. That’s why only the place that your family feels good at, will be the perfect home in the years to come.

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