New Yorkers love these charming neighborhoods of New Jersey

Old school New Yorkers wouldn’t leave the Big Apple even if their life depended on it. However, greener New Yorkers and newcomers seem to be much more open-minded about living out of NYC. So, what would be the next best thing? The good news is that you don’t have to go far to keep New York City at arms reach while still not residing in the big city. New Jersey is just around the corner and it has excellent living options for both families and singles. Thus, no wonder New Yorkers love these charming neighborhoods that can be found in the Garden State. For those that aren’t as familiar with the neighboring state, we are sharing with you our absolute favorite New Jersey places.

New Yorkers love these charming neighborhoods – here is why!

One great thing about living in NJ is that you can find an area that can be a great substitute for any NYC neighborhood or borough. But, before you contact Bluebell Relocation Services and book your upcoming NJ relocation wait a minute! It is important to choose the best possible place for your personal liking. To get that accomplished, you must do extensive research, and we are here to help.

Jersey City

This is an excellent option for those looking to stay within the city. If you are lucky you can even find a home that overlooks the water. This way you are still close to NYC while living in a place where the costs of living are significantly lower. It can be a great alternative to Brooklyn’s greatest neighborhoods. There are great cafes and restaurants that you can frequent on the weekends or during the week. Not to mention if you start craving the hustle and bustle of NYC streets, you can always be in Manhattan in no time. It truly is a great solution for those looking to live in the city.

New Yorkers love these charming neighborhoods and one of them being Jersey City and this simple and vacant street.
Jersey City can be a great alternative for all those that prefer to live in a high passed city environment.

Upper Montclair

Just like in the Village, in Upper Montclair, you can enjoy a culturally rich lifestyle. That is exactly why New Yorkers love these charming neighborhoods. This area just might be one of the coolest in the Garden State. Plenty of young and hip working professionals call it their home. The best part about morning to this neighborhood is that you can request and receive excellent professional assistance. It will be best to reach out to locals for assistance and let them take care of business for you.

A pickle cocktail next to a bottle of hard liquor.
In Upper Montclair, there are plenty of cool and hip bars and restaurants that you will be able to enjoy all the time once you relocate.


Welcome to the neighborhood mostly chosen by those that work in NYC full-time but live their personal lives in the Garden State. With less than half an hour to the Penn Station, it is a simple and easy commute. It has a retro feel to it which gives this place extra charm. The best part about living in this neighborhood is the diversity that can rarely be found to this extend. It is easy to spot the resemblance to many Queens neighborhoods. Welcome to vintage and stylish suburban living.

Red Bank

Sure this neighborhood isn’t as close to NYC as the others we mentioned, but that is exactly what makes this area special. It is out of the way which makes it peaceful and extra enjoyable. It has a gorgeous Navesink River waterfront that you can experience and enjoy every single day. In the past, this region was known as unattractive, but recently it made quite an impressive comeback.


New Yorkers love these charming neighborhoods that we ready mentioned, but it wouldn’t be fair to leave out Edgewater. One of the best things about this area is its proximity to NYC. Consequently, if you decide to live here your commute to NY will be fast and stress-free. Especially in comparison to other NJ areas. When you top that with beautiful houses and very reasonable rents it seems like the logical choice.

North Bergen

You might be wondering why all towns that New Yorkers adore are close to NYC. Well, as much as they like giving in NJ they still like to hop across the bridge from time to time. Also, countless folks still work in NY while not living in it, so naturally, the close proximity makes the commute much easier. That is precisely why we recommend North Bergen as your future home. There are plenty of apartments to choose from and many have spectacular views of the river. Rental prices run anywhere from$1000 to $3000. These prices seem like pocket changes in comparison to NYC rent prices.

When moving to New Jersey hire professional assistance

No matter if you are moving from NYC or some other place to New Jersey, you will be challenged on multiple fronts. Packing, moving permits, parking permits, transportation, and other moving tasks will be waiting on you. If you decided to hire professional movers you will make sure that a heavy load of work is lifted off your back. There are crews who know their way around the area and can move you fast and safely. This way all you need to worry about is enjoying your new place.

Views from Jersey City with a rainbow in the sky.
Living in New Jersey will give you a chance to enjoy not just urban living but also beautiful nature and cultural things.


So it seems certain by now that New Yorkers love these charming neighborhoods of New Jersey. There are many to choose from, so you can be sure you will find exactly what floats your boat. For those that love to live a more exciting and social life, there is living in the city. On the other hand, there are also plenty of great suburban options for parents with big families and pets. Start packing and looking for your ideal neighborhood. Soon you will find out how spectacular living in New Jersey can be.

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