Prepare your kids for moving abroad: 4 steps

One of the challenges people with children face when moving abroad is the fact their kids might have a difficult time adjusting to a completely new environment so quickly. Relocation to a new home is generally a time when a number of changes take place in a person’s life. When you add to that the novelty of moving to a culturally and linguistically different country, relocation can be an overwhelming experience for your little ones. For this reason, we have written this short guide that can help you prepare your kids for moving abroad.

Prepare your kids for moving abroad by making them feel involved

Essentially, even though the decision to move is yours or your partner’s, you should definitely make the effort to engage your children when it comes to other aspects of the move. Once you make them feel as if they are participating in your family’s decision making, it will be easier for them to process all of this.

a child writing in a notebook
Make your kids feel involved by allowing them to participate in planning for the move.

Prepare your kids for moving abroad by researching the target country

One of the easiest ways to help your children accept your decision to move to a foreign country is to give them a chance to learn more about it. So, for instance, if you are a NY family moving to Ontario, you should most definitely spark your little one’s curiosity by talking about the similarities and differences in comparison to your current country of residence. 

a child learning from a book
Finding out more about the country should prepare your kids for the move.

You can find photos, videos, stories, and other engaging material to do this. In this way, your kids will find out more about the country and thus, be prepared for the change once the day of the move arrives. Moving companies such as Transparent International NYC can give you advice on how you can organize your packing and moving. You can use their input and inform your kids about how your relocation will look like exactly.

Packing for the move together will engage your kids as well

Packing for the relocation together will give your kids the opportunity to feel involved in the entire process. They can decide, with your help, what they want to bring or leave behind. However, be sure to make it clear to them that your possessions will arrive trouble-free to the country you are moving to. Knowing that their possessions will be shipped through a reliable moving company should ease the anxiety they might associate with moving.

You can also work towards making your packing fun and exciting event. You can find adequate material first and then come up with engaging ways you can use them to pack your family belongings.

So, you could make this a fun experience by letting your children assemble boxes, pack stuff into them, and then challenge them to implement green solutions for the post-move cleanup phase.

Find a language tutor for your kids

One of the best ways to prepare your kids for moving abroad is to bring the language and the culture of the country you are moving to closer to them. Knowing the language will make your kids feel less isolated, confused, and stranded when you finally relocate to that country.

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