NYC family moving to Ontario – the list of pros and cons

Living in New York City has plenty of pros. It’s a big city and there are plenty of opportunities when it comes to everything. There are a lot of job options as plenty of big-name companies have their offices in NYC. You can get a very good education in New York City as well which would then allow you to get a job in an amazing company. There are plenty of things to see and do in NYC no matter your age. There are dozens of museums, cinemas, restaurants, bars, comedy clubs, breweries, wineries, and plenty of other things you could go to with or without your children.

But NYC has a huge con and it is the fact that it is crazy expensive and that it isn’t the safest place for children to grow up in. This is why plenty of people from NYC are moving to Ontario. Ontario is a county in Canada where Toronto is located and it is very similar to the state of New York. It has its pros and cons and that is what we are here to tell you more about. If you are an NYC family moving to Ontario, you came to the right place for some additional information before the relocation. We even consulted our friends, Number 1 Movers when we made the list.

NY and Ontario are very similar.

Pro – the two places have similar pricing

When it comes to the pricing in NYC and Ontario, it is pretty similar. This is a huge pro as you will not be moving to a place that is more expensive than the one where you used to live. This means that adjusting is going to be easy.

You can save up money on relocation if this is what worries you the most as international relocation isn’t cheap at all. You can for example find afforable and functional materials to use for packing. Hiring movers is a must, though. Moving without them isn’t possible.

Con – housing is very expensive

As the pricing is very similar, this, unfortunately, means that this is the case with housing as well. Housing is very expensive in Ontario as well as it is in NYC. Luckily, you don’t have to live in a big home if you have plenty of things. You can save up some money by renting a secure unit for extra items that you own such as children’s toys, books, etc.

Homes are beautiful but very expensive.

You don’t have to purchase a home right away. Most people rent their homes for a while and then they invest in a home and buy one.

Pro – life in Ontario is better than in NYC

Living in Ontario is far better than living in NYC. Ontario is safer. There are more parks and beautiful landmarks. This makes it a perfect place to move to with a pet as well. The people are very welcoming in Ontario which means that meeting new people is going to be easy. This is why plenty of NYC families moving to Ontario are young people with small children.

Ontario makes a great place for children to grow up in. You can choose between urban and suburban. There are some Brooklyn-Esque neighborhoods here too. There are dozens of great schools here as well.

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