6 small towns in New Hampshire that New Yorkers simply love

Everyone in New York who wants to get away from the hustle and the bustle of this city, are looking for a peaceful and more relaxed place to settle in. And one of the best countries you can find that atmosphere is New Hampshire. So, if you want to experience a lifestyle that can offer you quiet, then you should consider relocating to one of the best small towns in New Hampshire. To get more information about this, make sure to stick around to the bottom of this article. Here, you will discover some of the best places in NH where you can get calmed environment, and also you will learn how to move there.

Have a plan for everything when coming to small towns in New Hampshire

The first and most essential thing you need for this adventure is a plan. The only way you can do that is to collect plenty of information about this process. Thanks to that data, you will be able to prepare everything you need for this change properly. You will learn why New Hampshire is a place you should move to. Make sure to find out what it offers, so you can discover a small town that is perfect for your requirements. 

For the next part of the mission, you need to learn how much in advance should you plan a move. This period will help you get ready properly and it can be useful when adapting to the new environment. Considering you are moving from New York to New Hampshire, this is something you must do.

Man is planning to relocate into one of the small towns in New Hampshire that New Yorkers simply love.
Think about everything when looking for small towns in New Hampshire to move to.

How to move from New York into one of the best small towns in New Hampshire?

There are many things you should have in mind when getting ready for an interstate move. You see, it is not the decision you can make over the night. This adventure requires organization, money, and reliable professionals to help you out. That’s why when preparing for moving from New York to New Hampshire, this is something you must do right. So, if you want to relocate here easily and stress-free to one of the best small towns in NH, you have to learn how to do it properly. 

Just take your time, until you are sure you are ready for this transition. Meanwhile, make sure to consider some of these 6 small towns in New Hampshire that New Yorkers simply love:

  • Littleton
  • Hanover
  • Hampton
  • Atkinson
  • Portsmouth
  • Amherst

1 – Littleton

Littleton is one of the best places you should move to in NH. It has everything you will like when relocating from New York. Also, if you are planning on coming here with your family, have in mind that this area is perfect for raising your kids. Apart from that, Littleton can be explored in many ways. So, make sure to take a tour through downtown to discover beautiful historic buildings. Also, you will see along the way great art, gifts, and tasty cuisine. 

2 – Hanover

If you decide to relocate to a rural part of New Hampshire, you should consider going to Hanover. This beautiful country community has everything that people like. Hanover has great public schools. So, if you are planning on coming here with your family, your kids will go into one of the best elementary and high schools. You see, Hanover is one of the most alluring places to raise a family in New Hampshire. The only thing this place doesn’t have is the nightlife. And if you are looking for a peaceful area to move to after living in New York City, then this part of NH is a perfect choice for your needs. 

Use sites like preferred-movers.com to learn how to prepare for the move, and you will be ready for the big transition properly.

Laconia, NH.
NH has many wonderful areas that New Yorkers will simply love.

3 – Hampton

The next place you should check out is Hampton. New Hampshire’s seaside town can turn into a vacation hot spot in the summer. But also, it can be a beautiful and quiet coastal town in the winter too. For an affordable price, you will have an opportunity to live in Hampton. And this change is going to be amazing since you are coming from New York.

4 – Atkinson

Atkinson is one of the best small towns in New Hampshire you will love. And to experience everything that has to offer, all you need are some people to help you move there. And local experts are always available for this mission, and you can hire them for an affordable price. After that process, you will be able to explore Atkinson whenever you want. This friendly, quiet, and comfortable environment will be everything you need after living in NY. 

5 – Portsmouth

Portsmouth is a lovely small city you are going to enjoy. This place sets along the Piscataqua River. As a New Yorker, you will like those walks near many historic and classic brick buildings. Apart from that, Portsmouth also has many outdoor spaces. So, if you want to become a resident of this amazing small town in NH, just learn things people forget when moving so you can prepare well for this change. 

6 – Amherst

Amherst is another great, cute, and charming town in New Hampshire. This place is an amazing area if you are looking for a safe and secured city to raise a family. And consider you are coming from NY, then Amherst will be the perfect choice for your requirements.

Only when you are 100% sure that you want to relocate from NY to NH you should start organizing this transition.

What else you should prepare for when looking for one of the small towns in New Hampshire that New Yorkers simply love

  • Take your time to organize everything for this process. Explore your options when searching for the right city in NH.
  • Have a real estate agent if you want to get a property in a perfect location.
  • Make sure to have a guide to settling down in the countryside if you want to move into a rural area.
  • Use the help of professionals when getting ready for the big move.
  • Learn how to prepare for your new life in New Hampshire after living in New York.


If you decide to relocate to NH after living in NY, you have to adapt to the new environment. And having in mind that you want to relocate into peaceful surroundings, this transition will be simple. So, considering this place is quite pleasant, that adjustment won’t be a problem. And all you have to do is to explore everything this beautiful area has to offer. 

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