Where to live in NJ if you have a full-time job in NYC

Living in NYC is not cheap but, there are many opportunities when it comes to a career. One of the alternatives is to live in NJ while working in NY. But, where to live in NJ if you have a full-time job in NYC and how to choose a place?

Before choosing where to move in NJ, one of the things that concern people are taxes. New Jersey residents who work in New York must file a New York Nonresident Income Tax return, it is a must, but you won’t have to pay New York City income taxes. You should talk about tax details with your employer too. If you are worried about commuter taxes and commuting from NJ to NYC, NYC enacted the Metropolitan Commuter Transportation Mobility Tax to cover the costs and upkeep of public transport, and in some cases, your employer needs to pay it, not you.

Street in NYC.
Living in NYC has a lot of benefits, but some people prefer living in NJ while working in NYC

Benefits of living in NJ while working in NYC full time

Many people dream about living in NYC, but it is not easy to live there. So, if you are considering an option to live in NJ while working in NYC, what are the benefits from it, and why people are doing it?

  • When choosing where to live in NJ if you have a full-time job in NYC, people often doing it because of cheaper housing. Paying too much for rent in NYC is usual and normal, apartments are, in most cases small, and very expensive.
  • Some parts of New Jersey have more of a suburban feel and you can even own a car, which is in NYC impossible and very expensive.
  • Taxes are lower in NJ, so you can save more money.
  • If you have kids, public schools in NJ are great and you have more options to choose from.
Choosing where to live in NJ if you have a full time job in NYC.
Calculate where should you live and where to move

How to move to NJ?

Knowing all those pros on living in New Jersey will make you move there, but the next question is – how to move? There are 2 main options, to do it by yourself or to hire a professional moving company to help you with relocation. Prepare and move like a pro with All Season Movers but of course after choosing a place where you will move to and when.

Where to live in NJ if you have a full-time job in NYC – the list of places

Now, the final, and the most important step is to choose a place where to live in New JerseyNew York is so attractive to 20 something New Jerseyans but to be honest, it is too expensive. On the other hand, NJ is near, so you won’t lose too much time commuting. The subway system is great and other public transportation options are available and well developed.

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Choose a place near NYC


If you want to live near NYC, Hoboken is definitely a place to consider as your future home. It had a bad reputation in history, but not, it is a totally different place. It is the most fun city on the Gold Coast and many young professionals want to live here, Hoboken has more fun things (nightlife, restaurants, and bars) than Downtown Jersey City. The best thing is that the commute time to Lower Manhattan is less than 10 minutes, which is great. Housing costs are not cheap here, but still cheaper than in NYC.


It is possible to live in NJ if you have a full-time job in NYC and Secaucus is a place where you can move to. It is located in Hudson County which is one of the most popular counties in NJ. If you want to move here, find crews that know their way around town and that have experience in the moving industry. The median rent per month in Secaucus is $1,600 which is relatively affordable. If you have kids, this also may be one of your options to consider because it is a safe and family-friendly place.

Fort Lee

If you are looking for a more suburban place to live that is close to NYC at the same time, Fort Lee is a great place in NJ. Good for families with kids, it is a quiet place, totally opposite from Hoboken. Fort Lee is located in Bergen County and it offers residents a dense urban feel. Local moving companies can help you with moving here, so contact experts to give you a hand and you will have a stressless relocation.

Paulus Hook

Want to live near the Hudson River Waterfront in Downtown Jersey City, NJ? If you do, then Paulus Hook is your place. It has a long history, charm, and 19th-century brownstones. You can go to NYC by ferry or via the path train and to World Trade Center you have only 10 minutes. Liberty State Park is also nearby as well as Morris Canal Park.


The most southern part of the Gold Coast is Bayonne and at the same time, a new city that is experiencing an influx of new residents. That can be a really good sign for you as a person who is looking for a place where to move to. The median rent in this area is only $1,230 per month and the median home price is $320,500. You will need about 40 minutes to Midtown.


Weehawken is located near Hoboken and it is one of the places where to live in NJ if you have a full-time job in NYC. It is known for luxury living and stunning views of NYC and in recent years, this place experienced a ton of residential development, especially when it comes to luxury apartments. But, it has fewer things do to than Hoboken. If you are looking for a vibrant suburb, then think twice.

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