Leaving Mississippi for New York – how to adapt to change

Moving long-distance is not easy and simple, it will be one of the biggest steps in your life, especially when you are moving to a state that is completely different. Living in NY is most people’s dream because it has a lot to offer, from entertainment to job opportunities. If you are leaving Mississippi for New York any time soon, know what to expect after relocation and how to adjust faster.

How to move, how much money do you need for moving and after moving, how to choose an apartment, how to tell if you are paying too much for rent, where to spend your free time, what places to visit, etc. There are so many questions that need to be answered, but you must start from somewhere.

Reading a guide for leaving Mississippi for New York.
Be prepared for relocation even before you move, so you will adapt faster to a new life

How to transport items from MS to NY?

Before you move, figure out not to transport all your belongings safely to NY from MS, and of course, what is the easiest way to do it. Find out how to smooth the process and to move fast and simple. One of the best ways to move to New York is with the help of a professional moving company with experience. 

Keep in mind that driving in NY is very complicated and stressful, it is another reason why you should hire a moving company to help you out with the process. You can focus on other moving-related tasks, while professionals are handling the relocation, better than you will. Just make sure to pick a reputable and reliable moving company, not a scammer.

Street in NY.
Streets in NY are very busy, it is hard to drive there

Choose the right place in New York for you

To adapt faster, you must choose the right location in NY where to move. NYC is not the only city there, and even if you want to live in NYC, there are 5 boroughs you can choose from. Where you will live, depend on your job, lifestyle, and priorities. If you have kids, choose one of the family-friendly cities in New York, if you are looking for fun, or a career, don’t worry, NY is a state for you.

How to adapt after leaving Mississippi for New York?

We have covered the first step and that is looking for a mover in MS, such as Spyder Moving. But, the moving process does not end here. After moving, the real struggle starts. Unpacking, decorating a new apartment, adjusting to a new environment, a new job, exploring the city, etc.

One of the advantages of moving to NYC from another state is that this city has a lot to offer and it is never boring here. Leaving Mississippi for New York will be a big step and a big change in life, but it is a good change. Here are some tips that may help you adapt to a new lifestyle.

Plan B and plan C.
Make a plan for relocation, and always have a plan B

Unpack immediately after moving in

To start new life faster, you should unpack moving boxes immediately after moving in – don’t reschedule it. Give a personal touch to your new apartment in NY and decorate it. Don’t leave moving boxes all around the house, it will just drive you crazy and you won’t feel like it is your home now.

Meet the locals

After leaving Mississippi for New York, people may seem cold, but it is not true. Meet your neighbors, talk to new co-workers, go out with them, and get new friends. It is the best way to adapt and to adjust. Say yes to new things and try things you have never before. Ask locals for recommendations on where to shop, eat, buy groceries, where to go out with a dog (if you have a dog), etc. Introduce yourself and if you live in a suburb, invite neighbors to a cocktail.

Get around the city

New York has beautiful places you should visit. Get around the city, learn how to use public transportation, find your new favorite spots, go to the parks, enjoy. You can do it alone or with your new friends. If you have moved to NY with a family, explore the city together, it is the best way to relax after stressful relocation.

Learn how to manage a budget

Living in New York is expensive, especially in NYC where the rent is very high. In the beginning, you may have problems with managing the budget after all Mississippi is much cheaper than New York. Set a budget, know how much money you can spend every month on bills, and also, calculate the moving costs too and try to cut some of the moving costs to save money.

Storing your items safely after relocation to NYC

It is not a secret that apartments in NY are not cheap and also, in most cases they are small. Many people in NY have a roommate to split the monthly rent, but what to do with your belongings in that case? One of the solutions is to rent a storage unit because it is cheaper than renting a bigger place and your items are locked there. It is a safe place for your stuff even when moving and you need temporary storage.

There are plenty of reasons to rent a storage facility and many advantages. Usually, when people are leaving Mississippi for New York, they have a lot of items because homes are bigger in MS and cheaper, so most people can afford to live in a big house. Storage units come in different sizes, so first calculate how many items do you have to store and research what items should not be in a storage unit. For example, perishable food, important documents, etc. Determine which storage facility is perfect for your needs, set a monthly budget for rent, and start exploring.

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