Reasons for moving your business to Jubail, KSA

Moving your business to another continent is a big step – a step that is not easy or simple. Why people make this choice? If you are considering moving your business to Jubail, Saudi Arabia, from the USA, make sure you are fully prepared first. It is a different country with a different culture, law, language, and tradition.

What are the reasons for this big relocation, what pros it can bring to your business? Saudi Arabia has many advantages for potential ex-pats, business owners, and investors. The economy in KSA is stronger than ever and Jubail, as one of the cities, there, is definitely an option – it is an industrial city. It is located in the Eastern part of Saudi Arabia and many ex-pats live here. An interesting thing to know is that the petrochemical company SABIC is located in this city. The job market is strong and it is one of the main reasons for moving here.

Besides organizing international relocation, negotiating with movers, doing all the paperwork, you need to have strong reasons for moving a business to Jubail.

KSA is important for Muslims since Mecca and Medina are here, but also, many business owners want to move their business to KSA

Reasons for moving your business to Jubail

Why should you move a business office to Jubail? It is not important only to organize a relocation, but also, you need to have a good business plan and to research the market there. For all moving-related tasks, you can hire but before that, know the reasons for moving business to KSA. 

  • The tax system is great. Locals do not have taxes, while ex-pats do, but they are not that high. It is one of the main reasons for moving your business to Jubail. Taxes here are lower than taxes in the USA, for example.
  • So many career opportunities and a strong job market are also some of the important reasons.
  • Costs of living are relatively low.
  • The crime rate in Jubail is very low, not only in this city in KSA, but most cities here are safe.
  • If you have kids and want to live here too, don’t worry about education since international schools are highly-rated.
  • Good weather all year-round, which is important if your business depends on the weather.
  • Large ex-pat community.
A guy exploring reasons for moving your business to Jubail.
Know all the pros and cons of moving your business to Jubail, KSA

Renting a commercial storage unit

Don’t make clutter in your new office space. If you have a lot of documents or goods, rent a commercial storage unit in Jubail. There are many reasons why businesses need commercial storage – if you are one of them, choose the right storage for the business needs.

Not only that you can rent a permanent storage unit for your business, but also, it is a great way to keep your items safe during the relocation or renovation. You can keep your fine art collection safe during a move, goods, documents, office supplies, office equipment, etc. Jubail has many different storage units, different types, and sizes. You can even rent climate-controlled storage since temperatures in KSA can be very high.

Moving locally in KSA

If you already live in KSA, but now want to move to Jubail, consider hiring a local moving company. They already know this area, and you are a foreigner here, so it will be much easier. Consult a dependable company and book a move in advance.  Don’t underestimate local relocation, especially not when you are in a foreign country. Hire a mover for both relocations – residential and commercial – to make the process easier and faster.

Moving from the USA to KSA

If you decide to permanently stay here then you need to transport more items – more clothing, furniture, etc. For moving all of these items overseas, you will need a professional and experienced moving company to help you out.

Shipping household items from one continent to another is usually done via sea. It is the cheapest option and you can move as many items as you want – large and heavy. This is not the case with shipping via air. Moving out of Brooklyn to the KSA requires organization, preparation, and a mover. Explore moving companies for overseas relocation and hire the best. On the internet, you can check a license number, insurance, feedbacks, rating, etc.

Business culture in Saudi Arabia

There are many ex-pats in KSA (about half of the Kingdom’s workforce is ex-pat). The local business culture revolves around personal relationships and consensus. Connections are important in business circles. It might take many meetings before you built trust with partners, supplies, etc. Most offices here work from Sunday to Thursday because Friday is reserved for prayer and family. During the holy month (Ramadan), business works less because people are fasting (not drinking and eating) every day, it is a month when Muslim employees only work 30 hours per week, so keep that in mind. Even if you don’t fast, it is forbidden to eat or drink in public. Islam is a big part of life in Saudi Arabia, even in the business world. Expats employees need permission from their employer if they want to leave the country – that may be a problem.

A business plan
Create a business plan and relocate a business to a new office


After exploring the job market and all the pros and cons of moving your business to Jubail, you can make the final call – to move or not to move. Gather a team of people with experience and make a good business plan. Always be prepared in advance and know what to expect after moving as well as how to relocate a business without losing productivity. After all, it is an international relocation, so there will be a lot of documentation that needs to be prepared.

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