Best Green Solutions for Your Post Move Clean Up

We often emphasize how to start a relocation and how to handle the process throughout. Yes, the moving out stage and preparing for it is essential. However, moving into your new home and settling in is just as important. Hence, thinking ahead for that stage is beneficial. The work doesn’t stop when that delivery truck arrives from point A to point B with your belongings. In fact, it’s important to prepare your new home for the process of settling in. Throughout the rest of the text, we’ll share tips and best green solutions for your post move clean up.

Relocating – Start to End

As we mentioned, preparing for a move is necessary. It helps minimize stress around moving and it helps everyone stay organized. As a result, you are able to move successfully and enjoy the process as well. Meanwhile, your relocation is on-going until you fully settle into your new home. Once the moving out part is done, it is time to strategize about settling in. From post move clean up, to small renovations and then unpacking, it’s important to have a checklist to go by and stay focused on the full scope.

A creative to-do list for your post move clean up
Create a plan that will prepare you for each important stage of your relocation.

Post Move Clean Up

Relocations can affect the environment in certain ways. This is why it’s important to consider green solutions when packing, moving, and unpacking. In addition, your post move clean up should be adapted in the same direction. Opt for using eco-friendly cleaning supplies as opposed to some popular brands that have toxic chemicals. You are not only benefiting the planet, but also the inside of your new home. Even a few small steps in this direction can have a huge impact on the world we live in. Therefore, pay attention and make the effort to go green.

Go Green

One of the best ways to go green when trying to conduct a post move clean up is to use whatever you have in your house. More specifically, use the supplies you can find within your kitchen. For example, baking soda has many beneficial and efficient uses. Depending on what you mix the baking soda with, you can create different cleaning solutions that can remove odors, scrape off oven gunk, or clean toilets!

A heart made from the hedge.
Changing up our cleaning habits with green solutions has a big impact on our planet and daily lives.

Another item you can grab to clean up with is a lemon! Lemons are very acidic therefore they have antibacterial and antiseptic benefits. While you are in your kitchen, you should know that white vinegar also has antibacterial qualities that can be used to remove stains or get rid of odors too. The internet is full of home ideas to clean up your home with green solutions, therefore don’t hesitate to do research on the topic when need be.


If we were to apply a few extra green steps on a daily basis, we could benefit our planet in many ways. Even something as simple as a post move clean up can be transformed into a much more beneficial process as opposed to cleaning with regular chemicals we can buy at a local store. In addition, using household supplies will also save you money down the road!

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