5 Most Family-Friendly Cities in New York

Moving to the state of New York is a big and exciting step! It’s a great feeling to be able to relocate and start fresh. However, it can get a little overwhelming when deciding on the exact location. The state of New York has many family-friendly cities for you and your family to call home, and it’s all about doing the research and being prepared ahead. Throughout the rest of the text, we’ll explore the five most family-friendly cities in New York and how to make your move there as smooth and efficient as possible.

A Family Relocation

Relocating with a family requires a good and solid moving plan. The better-prepared everyone is, the easier the overall relocation to one of the cities in New York is. The key is to start well ahead and take it day by day. With a well-structured plan, you’ll be able to organize moving affairs accordingly and as a result, maximize efficiency throughout. In addition, communication is also very important. Discuss these changes with your kids, and ensure that there are many aspects to look forward to with this move. The more comfortable they are with it, the easier everything becomes. Therefore, set a plan in motion, get everyone on board, and get packing! Do not forget to pack an essentials box as well for the initial period at your new home.

Top Family-Friendly Cities in New York

New York is a big state, therefore how do you decide which city to move to with your family? The answer to that is thorough research! When moving with a family, it’s important to consider many elements. What are the school ratings within a particular city? Is it a safe environment overall? Is the city overall family-friendly? These are the elements to consider when deciding where to move to with your partner and kids. In the meantime, there are five good cities in New York to narrow down your search to.

The Empire State Building at night.
The Empire State has many family-friendly cities worth checking out!


Being the second largest of the cities in New York, Buffalo is a good location to move to with your family. Overall, it is a safe city, with lots of vibrant vibes, history, and plenty of outdoor activities and restaurants to visit. Niagara Falls is only a quick drive away, therefore plenty of things to take advantage of with your kids.


Another one on the list of family-friendly cities in New York to relocate to is Albany. Overall, it is a nice and safe community for the kids to grow up in. With plenty of outdoor activities and good schools, moving here would be a good idea.


Third on the list of top family-friendly New York locations is Rochester. The city has a low cost of living with a good quality of life! In addition, with various career opportunities, you’d be able to find a job, while your kids attend any of the good schools within the city.

A laptop, a mobile phone, a notebook and a pen to conduct a research and write down all the key facts about the most beautiful family-friendly cities in New York.
A moving plan will make a big difference, contributing to the hassle and stress-free relocation.


Syracuse is a wonderful city to relocate to with your family. It is one of the best cities in New York¬†and is rated as one of the best kid-friendly locations in the state. Hence, you can’t go wrong with this choice! From plenty of sight-seeing, great parks, zoos, and museums, you and your kids can stay active and explore all the time!

New York City

Last but not least, one can’t research the state of New York and not evaluate New York City! Although it is a city that never sleeps with a very urban and fast-paced atmosphere, New York City is family-friendly. Besides good schooling and plenty of places to visit, there are many amazing parks in the city where your kids can stay active and explore.

Moving to One of the Family-Friendly Cities in New York

As we mentioned above, having a plan prior to moving is essential and beneficial. It will take some stress away from relocating as you will have everything planned out ahead and prepared before the moving day. We also suggest considering hiring a moving company to assist you with the move to one of the cities in New York. Whether it is short or long distance, a team of professionals can make a big difference when you are moving from point A to point B. Overall, safe transportation is a must as you want your belongings delivered safely and securely.

A pile of cardboard boxes.
When you get to the packing stage, ensure to go room by room categorizing, and don’t forget to label your boxes!

Professional Movers

A team of professional movers can make a difference when moving. If it fits within your budget, hiring a moving company can simplify the entire process in no time. The key is to do research and find a company that is reliable, has a good reputation, and good experience you can trust. In addition, it’s important to book a moving day at the beginning of the entire process. Therefore, browse Verified Movers well ahead to choose the company that can meet all your requirements.

The Empire State

Looking for a city to move to with a family can take time. As you are putting together a plan for your move, evaluate each and every one of the family-friendly cities in New York in order to be able to make a final decision. Once you have your relocation plan, you’ll be able to breakdown the move into multiple stages. Doing your move as such, step by step will make your moving tasks much easier. You’ll be able to tackle each individually and focus efficiently.

It would be a good idea to let your kids be a part of decision making as well. Communicating with them throughout the process is a good idea and it will make them feel included in this big family move. In addition, let them help out with the packing stages as it will teach them responsibility.

All in all, whichever city you choose to move to with your family, make sure to enjoy the process and have fun with it!

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