5 tips for photographers who are relocating in NYC

So many relocation stories all around. Family relocations, moving for education purposes, going to a new city for business. Wherever you go, you get a great chance to meet new people, to see new places. But, if your destination is the city of New York, well that’s really a big deal. A lot to experience in only one place. One city that offers a bunch of opportunities in every field, but only if you know to use them the right way. And, as you can guess there are always tips for everything. Today we present to you 5 useful tips for photographers who are relocating to NYC.

1. Get to know the new place

Yes, this is exactly the first thing you should do, even before you come to New York. Search the internet for some details about the city. Read some blogs, look for the pictures. There is so much you can find online, so get to work, take some notes, and make a plan.  And then, when you finally rent an affordable apartment and you definitely move to the Big Apple, there comes the real adventure. Walk around and explore. Check out all the places you’ve found interesting, and scout out for some new ones. You are an artist, and you earn on your creativity. With having this beautiful city in front of you, inspiration is right at your fingertips. So, go and get it.

There is a man with a backpack holding a camera in his hands, since going around and searching for the good sceneries is one of the tips for photographers who are relocating in NYC.
Get ready for the location scouting.

2. Deal with the marketing

Advertisement is extremely important for every successful business. And this is exactly what you need to keep in mind as a photographer who came to live and work in New York City. No matter how well-known you are in your hometown, now, since you came to a completely new place, you need to work on your reputation again. The best thing you can do, after you relocate your artwork, is to advertise your business in some local newspapers or magazines. It may not bring to you a bunch of clients right away, but it’ll definitely bring you in the game. Then, after having several satisfied clients who would spread the word, the others will just keep coming. Meanwhile, take care to make some use of the popular social networks and keep promoting your work.

3. Free shooting- one thing to accept for all the photographers who are moving to NYC

Photography may only be your hobby. However, there are some people who do this job to make a living. Therefore, before you pack all your equipment and workpieces for the move, and ask professionals to be your assistance, there is something you need to understand. For the first several months you will probably have to do some shooting for free. Yes, we know that this doesn’t sound like a perfect plan, but that is how it works. You have to accept the fact that you are new in the city. No one knows about your talent and you’ll need to reintroduce yourself. And, if you are patient enough, everything will worth it. You would start working for people and they will get to know you.

Although there is no money at the beginning, it may bring you both money and clients in the future. Gather all the pictures and make your session portfolio. This would be an excellent way to attract new clients since it makes your work look even more professional.  What’s more, remember that all the time you are improving your experience. By trying the new locations, you explore the city and everything that it has to offer. Later on, when you start getting paid for your effort, this period will be precious. You’ll know the best shooting places and you’ll have a bag full of creative ideas

A woman is posing while a man is taking some pictures of her.
Present your work to the new clients and establish your reputation in the new city.

4. Making connections

It’s good to have someone to rely on. Thus, if you are a photographer moving to the Big Apple, it would help you a great deal if you can find some help in your field. Do a little research. Try to find some good New York photographers. Follow their profiles on social networks. There must be something you can learn by watching their work, especially when it comes to popular shooting locations or some professional tips. Then, if you come across someone whose work you really like, you can contact him, and make some connections. Creating a line of communication with like-minded people is extremely important for a newcomer. Once you introduce yourself to them, you can exchange experiences and share knowledge with one another. What’s more, they can even admit you to some of their reputable communities.

And, here’s one extra tip- When you start your moving preparations, don’t forget to involve all your friends in the process. You’ll appreciate their help with the packing, finding the most affordable flats, or getting the reliable movers. But, don’t miss a chance to ask them if they know somebody in the city you are going to. You can never know whom you can meet this way.

5. It’s important to keep going

New York is a huge city. It is a place of opportunities. But, it’s also a place of strong competition in every field. People from different parts of the world come to Big Apple to try their luck. Therefore, no one can tell you it’s easy to find your place in this big city’s sun. But it is not impossible either. All you need is to believe in yourself, be aware of your talent, make a good plan, and follow your dreams. Celebrate all the ups and learn from the downs. And the most important advice for photographers who are relocating in NYC – you should never give up.

There is a person sitting in from of a laptop, holding a film strip in her hands.
Work hard and be patient- that’s the key to success.

Making relocation decisions is a hard task. And although it’s true that you can never be ready enough for the big change that follows, we hope that these 5 tips for photographers who are relocating to NYC will be a good starting point.

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