Coronavirus Escape – Should you leave Brooklyn for good?

Should you move out of Brooklyn, NYC during the COVID-19 pandemic, or should you cancel this relocation for now? What to do at this point and if you need to move, how to organize the relocation? Before you leave Brooklyn for good, explore your options, including where to move.

Moving in 2020

Preparing for moving and moving, is a little bit different than it was before the pandemic. Unfortunately, NYC is one of the cities that has a lot of infected people. So, it is not unusual for people wanting to escape. To move somewhere where is safer and more peaceful. Nobody knows when this global pandemic will be over – moving for good is definitely one of the options you should consider. Many people are leaving big cities and moving to smaller towns.

When it comes to the USA, New York state and New Jersey have been hit hardest by Covid-19 and many people have moved. For a while or for good  – it depends. But, people wanted to get out of the city and escape. These 2 states, including Connecticut too, have registered almost 50% of all coronavirus cases in the USA, which is not a small number. States in the USA with the lowest coronavirus cases are Maine, Vermont, West Virginia, Hawaii, North Dakota, Montana, Alaska, and Wyoming. Organize moving out of Brooklyn like a pro and know where to start with preparations.

Brooklyn bridge.
If you want to move out of Brooklyn and start a new life in 2020, you should know that some rules are different now because of the global pandemic

Why should you leave Brooklyn for good?

What are the cons of living in Brooklyn and why should you move to another place?

If you want to move to another state (long-distance), keep in mind that hiring a professional moving company is highly recommended. Most movers are still working, even during the global pandemic. So, you don’t have to worry about that because they can support during the whole process

On the other hand, you can move locally – it is a big change too. In both cases, you need to be prepared and to ask for help.

A globe with a face mask.
Pandemic is everywhere, not only in the USA

Cons of living in Brooklyn

But, first, let see the reasons why people are moving out of Brooklyn, NYC.

  • NYC has a lot of confirmed coronavirus cases – as we mentioned before, NYC has a lot of coronavirus cases, unfortunately. So, there are great chances you will be sick too (and your family).
  • The rent is very expensive – NYC is famous for high rent, including Brooklyn too. Many people have a roommate, to split the monthly rent.
  • Costs of living are high – not only the rent is high, but also, the overall costs of living are too. Utilities, food, transportation, etc. Everything is more expensive here and that is the main reason to leave Brooklyn for good.
  • Winter is cold – if you don’t love the snow and cold weather, NY is not a place for you and you should leave for good. Move to the southern part of the USA, such as California, Texas, or Florida.
  • Crowded and loud – tourists are not currently in NYC, but still, there is always a crowd and something is always happening. If you love peaceful places, Brooklyn is not for you.
  • Small apartments – besides high rent, apartments in Brooklyn are very small. Some people need to rent a storage unit in NYC to store all their belongings. Because there is not enough space in a home.
  • The competition is strong – yes, many companies are located in NYC and the economy is strong, but the competition is very strong and it is not simple to succeed in NYC.

Decide where to move

One of the first steps to take is, of course, to decide where to move. It depends on your lifestyle, job, kids, and priorities. Determine would you live in a smaller town or you want to move to another big city such as NY. For example, moving from Brooklyn to LA.

Options are endless, but if you have a job offer, then you don’t have to choose. You will move to the city where the office is. If you have kids, make sure that the place is family-friendly, safe, affordable, and to have highly rated schools.

Moving during the COVID-19 pandemic

After deciding should you move and where to move – it is time to start packing. How to move with ease during the coronavirus outbreak, is it even possible? Yes, it is. Companies from NYC are open for business, including Zenith Moving NYC. If you have booked a moving company already, contact them, and make sure they are still open for business, and verify your moving date.

Wearing a face mask to leave Brooklyn for good.
Wear your face mask when you are outside

Buy new moving boxes

Don’t use used moving boxes, it is better to buy new moving supplies during the pandemic. Keep your belongings protected by using the right wrapping material and the right moving boxes. If you need to leave Brooklyn for good, then pack everything you need. 

Clean items before and after packing

Before packing, clean items, and also, clean them when unpacking. It does not matter if it is a local relocation such as moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan or moving from Brooklyn to Miami. Make sure everything is disinfected and clean, including your new apartment.

Wash your hands more frequently

Wash your hands more frequently, especially after packing and unpacking. Also, wear a face mask when talking to people and when you are around other people. Protect yourself and the people around you.

Practice social distancing

When moving arrive at your apartment to pick up household items, practice social distancing. Also, after moving, leave the meeting with new neighbors and planning a welcome party for later.

Cancel your relocation if you are feeling sick

If you need to leave Brooklyn for good, but right now you are feeling sick, and you are feeling some of the coronavirus symptoms, reschedule a relocation. Contact your doctor and he/she will give you instructions on what now.

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