How to negotiate with movers – 2020 edition

Is it time to move, but you don’t want to spend too much money. If you are wondering is it possible – yes it is! Can you hire a reliable and experienced moving company and still stay in the budget? Learn how to negotiate with movers for your upcoming relocation in 2020 and cut some of the moving costs. When moving, every dollar is important, so get the best service at an affordable price. Don’t spend money unnecessarily when you can move for less money than you think. No matter are you a senior, student, a young professional, are you moving business, you can get a better deal. Before hiring movers, research all your options and learn how to save money on moving.

Moving in 2020 is a little bit different than before because of the coronavirus pandemic. Some people canceled relocation or reschedule it, but sometimes moving cannot be avoided. Most moving companies in the USA are working during the COVID-19 but because people are moving less, they are more open to offering clients better deals on moving. It is a benefit for you as a client. Even if there is not a pandemic, there is always an option for negotiating.

Calculating moving costs.
Learn how to hire the best company and to stay in the budget at the same time

Before you start negotiating with a moving company…

Plan your move in advance, which includes searching for a moving company and choosing the best one from your area. Don’t get scammed. Checking the company is not hard:

  • Check the company’s license number on FMCSA’s website for example. Also, check it with BBB and AMSA – they all have a database of all reliable moving companies in the USA. Don’t negotiate with movers that are not licensed even if they offer you the best deal.
  • Read online moving reviews from past clients, but before that, learn how to recognize fake online moving reviews. Usually, you can recognize it if they are too positive or if the posting date is the same and the style of comments is the same.
  • Talk to the company’s workers and ask them about moving-related questions and how long they are in this business.
  • Verify the company’s physical address and visit them.

Choose a couple of moving companies and compare them – their services and bids. Try to negotiate with all of them and see which company will offer you the best deal for relocation. No matter is it a local or a long-distance relocation, having good and experienced professionals on your side when moving is the key to a successful relocation. Nowadays it is easy to find a company online, but you should search on reliable websites. Master Moving Guide is one of the sites to check out in order to pick a reputable mover and to learn some tips on moving and packing.

Shake hands after you negotiate with movers.
Get the best deal for your upcoming relocation

Get in-home moving estimates from companies

Request moving estimates from 3 companies, for example, but not online estimates because they are not accurate. Request visual home surveys and you will have greater bargaining power. Your only job here is to be clear and specific during the walk-through which means to show movers everything you need to move to a new place. Especially show special items such as a piano, pool table, or a hot tube. Maybe the moving company you want to hire cannot move everything you wish or they charge more for those services.

Tips to negotiate with movers

After you have chosen a few companies you want to hire, it is time to compare them and to negotiate to get the best price. You can move to Brooklyn from another state on a budget and not to spend too much money, but first learn how.

  • Ask for discounts – most moving companies offer discounts for students, veterans, seniors or they have some special offer that month. Because of the current pandemic, many companies are offering discounts, so ask them if they have some special package for transportation, storage, or packing.
  • Check the first and last minute offers – the first and last offers are more affordable than the “normal” moving costs. If you know that you will move in a couple of months, book a moving company in advance. If you are moving on short notice, it will be more stressful, but at least you will be able to check all the last-minute deals.
  • Tell them what moving services you need – moving costs will depend on the size and weight of your move and also on a type of moving service. Extra services are negotiable!
  • Be flexible on a moving date – moving during season or weekends tend to be more expensive. To negotiate with movers, try to be flexible when it comes to the moving date if you are able.
  • Ask a company to beat another company offers – moving companies are competition, and most reliable companies will rather lower down the price than to let you hire their competition.
  • Be persistent – don’t give up immediately. Maybe the first company won’t be open to negotiating but try with another. A reliable and reputable company will always be there to find some compromise – a good deal for both sides.

Declutter before packing

If you want to save more money on moving, declutter before packing because moving will be more affordable if you move fewer items. Create an inventory list before packing and know exactly how many items you need to move to a new home.

The golden piggy bank.
Try other ways to save money on relocation besides negotiating

You have nothing to lose if you try to negotiate with movers. Yes, moving is not free, but it does not have to break the bank. Besides negotiating, there are some other ways to cut moving costs. For example, moving off-season, moving only essentials, packing by yourself, getting free moving boxes, etc.

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