Reasons why you should create an inventory before packing for you move

Relocation can be very exhausting both to your mind and body. In order to reduce stress as much as possible when moving to another place, you should do everything you can. One of the most helpful things that you can do is to create an inventory list before packing for your upcoming move. Therefore, you should know at least some of the reasons for creating an inventory list before doing anything else related to your relocation.

You will know what you have if you create an inventory before packing

Firstly, creating an inventory before you start with the packing will enable you to know all the things that you possess. This will stop you from forgetting something when moving. Moreover, with an inventory, it will be much easier to see which things you want to transport to your new place and which ones you no longer need. We strongly advise you to sell everything that you do not need anymore by using internet sites. Also, you can always organize a garage sale with the same purpose. But, you will have to be extremely careful if you choose that option. The reason is, of course, the coronavirus pandemic. On the other hand, we are all used by now on wearing masks, keeping social distance, and having hand sanitizers always with us. So, it will not be so complicated. After selling each item, make sure to cross it out. In addition, you can donate the items that you cannot sell for some reason. But the ones that are usable, of course.

A notebook and pencils to create an inventory before packing.
It will prevent forgetting something.

You will know how much money you will have to spend on transporting your belongings

Secondly, with an inventory list, it will be easier to estimate your moving expenses. That will also help you to plan in advance and organize for your moving process. And we all know that it is never easy. At least, it will help you to plan your moving expenses. In addition, you will know if you should save some more money before your moving day comes. As we all know, moving companies are never cheap. However, if professionals are reliable people, like the ones from, then it is worth every penny.

Jars filled with coins.
You will know how much money you need to save for moving your items.

You will be packing and unpacking more easily if you create an inventory

Thirdly, if you create an inventory, you can pack more quickly and efficiently. For example, you can separate your different items in individual boxes and label them. This step will also make your unpacking process much faster. Also, you will know if you need sturdy packaging for your belongings’ safety. For you will have in written form all your fragile items as well, of course. Moving can be a long process. Therefore, you will have to make sure that all the things are properly packed.

Moving boxes.
It will help you organize better when packing.

If something gets lost you will know

Finally, if you have an inventory list of all your belongings, you will know immediately if something gets lost along the way. Therefore, you can use your insurance in order to compensate for the damage. When things like these happen, it is of great importance to react and inform your moving company as sooner as possible.

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