How much should you tip the crew when moving in New York

Being a mover is not an easy job for sure. You have to carry heavy stuff whenever it is asked of you, you have to take care of all of your client’s possessions, you have to travel from one part of the country to another without seeing your family for days, or even weeks. This job is even harder when you are working in giant cities like New York. You have to navigate megalopolises with your client’s stuff in the trunk of your truck. However, it is a job that is essential so someone has to do it. Moving companies exist for a reason. Hiring a moving company is almost imperative in this day and age since more and more people move. But the question arises – should you and how much should you tip the crew when moving in New York? Let’s explore this question.

Legally, you are not required to tip

Whether you are moving your business to New York, or you are simply relocating, leaving the tip is the act of appreciation. Sure, you are not required to tip. But do you tip waiters? Do you tip bartenders? If the answer is yes, then you should tip your movers. It is customary in the US to tip people who served you. But the tipping protocol in the US is really a ‘minefield’ of etiquette and unspoken rules. It is a tradition of some kind to tip people in services, but for some professions, it is clear when and how much you are going to tip. It is not as clear of a case when it comes to tipping your movers.

An angry person.
Legally, you are not required to tip the crew when moving.

A rule of thumb when it comes to tipping in services is to tip whenever a service has been offered. Moving safely and worry-free anywhere in NY is your priority. If the service is done well and if it exceeded your expectations tipping is almost a must. However, you can always set your bar of expectations too high. And yes, you are legally not required to tip, but really, aren’t you going to?

So, how much should you tip the crew when moving?

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Tip the crew. It is a humane act.

Depending on the kind of the move, tipping ranges from 20$ to more than a hundred dollars. If the move was ‘easy’ it is ok to tip your movers 20$ to 50$ per crew member. By ‘easy’ we mean local moves with not a lot of stuff. But when it comes to more difficult moves, tips can go over a hundred dollars. Long-distance relocations can be very demanding, so we recommend giving your movers at least a hundred bucks. That way your NY movers will respect you more and they might even do for you something that isn’t in the description of their job. Obviously that has to be connected with relocation.

Good luck!

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    I was not looking forward to this move, and I felt pretty stressed out on a moving day, but the movers were great and did all they could to take the anxiety out. I would like to say a special thanks to Steve and his team for a wonderful job!
    Christopher Adams