Things to consider before moving from Alabama to New York

New York is a state like no other. Most of the people who move to the state of New York are moving there because of New York City. NYC is a very popular moving destination. People all over the country move to New York every day. Others are planning on moving to New York City one day. Either way, a lot of people want to live near this amazing jungle of a city. And if you want to do the same and move to New York from Alabama, you might want to hold on a minute and read this article. Here is where you will find and read about some of the things that you need to consider before moving from Alabama to New York.

Alabama and New York are completely different

One of the things most people who move to New York from Alabama struggle with is adjusting to how different the two states are. Everything is much different. From the weather and the nature surrounding you to the people and the cities. There are rarely any similarities between these two states. Right now this might not sound like much of an issue to deal with but it might be after you move. You never know how relocation and change are going to affect you. A lot of people realized that New York is not for them just after moving there. A lot of people leave New York City each day too.

Alabama is a very unique state and if you have gotten used to living a certain way in a certain place, it might be hard for you to switch to something completely different. If you don’t want to abandon this dream of your just yet, you’ll just have to see after you relocate all your belongings to NY¬†how you feel about it and living there.

Lake from above.
There are plenty of things that are different in these two states.


New York is much more expensive

After you relocate to NY with you need to go out and find a well-paying job. Why? Well, you probably already know that New York is on of the most expensive states. And it goes for almost everything. Housing is the most expensive and the hardest to find. If your dream is to live in New York City, you will probably end up living in a tiny apartment in one of the hundreds of NYC’s neighborhoods.

You also need money for food and other amenities. Without a couple of thousand dollars a month you can even begin to think about living in New York. You can live in Brooklyn on a budget but it’s not an easy thing to do.

Empty wallet.
You need a lot of money to live in New York City comfortably.

Alabama isn’t as diverse

Alabama is a state where mostly Caucasian Americans live. This is not the case with New York. After moving from Alabama to New York, you will probably notice all the different people from different parts of the world. For most people, this isn’t something they can’t get used to. But if you feel like you are one of the people who couldn’t handle being surrounded by so many different people, maybe staying in your small town in Alabama isn’t such a bad idea after all. But that is something you have to see for yourself.

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