Moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan – how to adapt?

To someone who has never lived in New York City, moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan might sound like not a big deal at all. You’re moving from one part of the city to another, how different can it be, right? Well, trust us when we say that this is a relocation that brings a lot of changes to your life. Therefore, this article is made for all of you that are thinking about or preparing for this move. Reading about other people’s experiences and the things that you’re going to experience in the near future will help you to prepare for everything.

We believe that having a positive moving experience is very important for every individual. You want to avoid all the moving anxiety that can come with relocation. So, here are the top tips for both the moving process and adapting after it when moving out of Brooklyn.

Preparing for moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan

Having a good and extensively made plan is the key to a successful relocation. Although this move is considered a local relocation, you shouldn’t wait for the last moment to start packing. Our professionals from Heart Moving tell us that the ideal time period for preparing a relocation is at least a month prior to the moving day. This way you’ll be able to glide through all the tasks. You won’t feel any stress or urgency and that’s exactly what we want.

Here’s what to focus on

  • Moving budget – The very first step of every successful move is setting a budget and sticking to it. To anyone who was living on a budget in Brooklyn we don’t have to explain that moving in NYC can get very expensive very quickly.
  • Choosing a specific location – Manhattan is the most popular NYC  neighborhood, so there are many apartments to choose from. More on this later on.
  • Decluttering and packing – Be sure not to forget to declutter your home before you even start packing for moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan.
  • Hiring professionals or going DIY – The last thing you need to consider is will you do everything by yourself or seek some help from professionals. Generally, we’d suggest going with the professionals if you have anything fragile, sensitive, or valuable to transport.
Man and woman talking about moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan.
When moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan make an extensive plan and follow it throughout the relocation.

Get used to tourists

According to some people, being swarmed with tourists at all times is the biggest disadvantage of Manhattan. And while this is true, it brings a certain charm with it. It’s a place that never sleeps, one of the most popular locations in the whole world. What else would you expect? So, if you don’t mind people on the streets with cameras around their necks you’ll love it here.

Apartments are smaller

Finding a nice and spacious apartment isn’t a problem in Brooklyn. However, on the island, it can be. There’s not much you can do but to try to make the most out of the situation. Explore ways to make small space feel bigger, seek for a roommate, or search for storage that is clean and affordable if you need space to store your belongings.

Small apartment interior.
There are big apartments in Manhattan, however, they’re extremely costly, even for the NYC standards.

Turn to public transport

In your old place having a car may have had a sense. However, after moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan this won’t be a case. Turn to public transport as soon as possible. You’ll lose much less time being stuck in traffic and it is also cheaper. And for the car. Well, if you love it very much, keep it in that storage locker we were talking about and save it for weekend joy drives.

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    I was not looking forward to this move, and I felt pretty stressed out on a moving day, but the movers were great and did all they could to take the anxiety out. I would like to say a special thanks to Steve and his team for a wonderful job!
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