How to prepare your family for your upcoming relocation

Moving with a family can seem difficult at first. Packing your and your partner’s belongings, and not to mention packing your kids’ belongings, take a lot of time. And the whole organization and coordination can be tough with kids by your side. And just imagine having to stage your home on top of that. But, you know, you can prepare your family for your upcoming relocation. This alone will prove the be a heavy burden off your chest and will enable you to focus on the tasks that need to be done.

Get the necessary help

You have your family with you, and you should go through this together. They can also help during this process and make it easier. But, what if your whole family needs help too? Don’t worry, that’s also normal because moving is stressful and overwhelming sometimes. You can find the professional help here at Professionals can help you minimize the stress involved with the move and make the process smooth.

The first step

If you still haven’t informed your family about the move, do it and do it gently. Hopefully, your partner already knows about the move, which leaves your kids. Also, understand that there’s a good chance that they might not like it at first. It’s not easy saying goodbye to friends, school, and the whole familiar environment. So, let them process their feelings, but encourage your kids to share their feelings. Also, talk about your own feelings about this, or some older move.

A woman holding her daughter and talking to her.
First, you have to tell your kids about the move

Why your kids should be a part of the process

There are several reasons why you should let your kids be a part of the moving process. First, they will feel useful and that their opinions and actions matter. And that is something they might’ve lost if they didn’t take the news about the move well. Next, by preparing your family for your relocation, they’ll be able to actually help you in the process. After all, you are not alone at this, you are all moving together.

How to include your kids

Once you narrowed down the list of the houses you are considering, ask your kids to share their opinions. Also, if you’re remodeling, ask them about the wall color they think would go well with the house. Or ask them at least, about their own rooms. Also, if they’re old enough, your kids should pack their own belongings, if not even something else. That way, you can think about renting your storage unit or some other task that you need to do.

A girl holding a teddy bear.
Your kids can pack their own stuff

Get them excited

You can prepare your family for your upcoming relocation and make them happy about what comes next. Get your whole family excited about this new important chapter of your life. Ask your kids to find a new park on the map in their area, or someplace that they would like to visit. Also, you can ask your partner about how he or she will go to work. You can try asking your family members about what makes them excited about this process.

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