Moving from Brooklyn to LA 101

Moving from East Coast to West Coast requires detailed preparation and organization. However, most of the people are not experienced in cross-country relocations, so they often experience panic when they start preparing for the move. Luckily, we prepared a complete guide – everything you need to know about moving from Brooklyn to LA. With some essential steps and a few easy organizational tricks, you can make this relocation smooth and stress-free. Here are all the important things to remember so you can move into your new LA home as soon as possible.

Moving from Brooklyn to LA – what’s to know about Los Angeles?

If you’re still thinking whether moving from Brooklyn to LA is a great idea, let’s go through some facts that might convince you to relocate. Here are some things you should know about the LA lifestyle:

  • the climate is amazing- the most obvious change in your life will definitely be the weather. You can forget about cold and snowy NYC winters, and prepare for the all-year-round pleasant temperatures. So, if you didn’t like blizzards in Brooklyn, you will definitely consider the LA climate perfect.
  • bigger homes – when looking for a place in LA, after renting a place in NYC, people are often surprised by the difference in size and pricing of homes. Apartments and houses are bigger compared to NYC, and pricing is also more acceptable, even though LA includes some extravagant, very expensive homes as well.
  • chill lifestyle – everything is more relaxed in LA. The chill moment is present everywhere, so most of the people are very casually dressed, even at work.
  • job opportunities – both NYC and LA give amazing business opportunities, so you shouldn’t worry about that. However, LA has more showbiz and cinema businesses, so if you’re trying to become famous – this is the place for you.
Los Angeles sunset
It’s no surprise why LA attracts so many residents from colder areas – the weather is amazing all year long!

Relocation guide – how to prepare for moving from Brooklyn to LA

Start on time

We can’t stress this enough – in order to have a smooth relocation, you need to start making plans as soon as possible. Even though last-minutes moves are possible to do, it’s best if you have a couple of months or weeks to prepare for the big move. In order not to forget something when moving, we advise making a moving checklist with all the tasks in one place. This way you’ll have everything under control, and do tasks on time – which will help reduce the moving stress to a minimum.

The moving budget

You’re probably used to the expensive NYC lifestyle. For that reason, you need to be very ‘financially’ careful when it comes to leaving NYC for good. If you are not aware of all the moving expenses, you can easily spend more than it’s necessary, and create other financial difficulties. Make a moving budget, and see if you’re financially ready for moving from Brooklyn to LA. If necessary, check where you can cut down moving costs, and save some cash. 

Hire experienced movers

Even though you’re trying to cut down some costs, never hire the cheapest moving company that you can find online. Be very careful who you trust your money and belongings, and avoid common moving frauds. It’s best you get recommendations from the people you know and browse only trusted online resources, like Verified Movers.  Using websites like this will reduce the time you spend on looking for the perfect moving company, but also protect you from moving scams.

Los Angeles at night
Move to LA with the help of a trusted moving company – avoid moving scams at all costs.

Minimalistic packing

One of the ways to save money when moving, but also reduce the packing time is to be very minimalistic when packing your belongings. Mae sure you downsize your home before moving from Brooklyn to LA – get rid of anything you don’t need anymore, or can easily replace in Los Angeles. If you’re not sure what to with the items you want t o leave behind, here are some ways today goodbye. However, these depend on the condition of the items:

  • recycling 
  • giving away/charity
  • selling online or in a garage sale
  • get a storage unit for the things you want to keep, yet you don’t need them in your home all the time. 

Don’t forget you’re moving to a much warmer place – moving from Brooklyn to LA is the perfect chance to reduce the number of winter clothes, and keep only the things you’ll need when traveling to some colder places. 

Take care of the documents and update your address

Along with all the packing and traveling, you also need to think about some basic moving procedures. Don’t forget to register your car and get a new license after you arrive in Calfornia – be sure to do this within 10 days. Also, don’t forget to register your new address with the USPS so you can receive your mail without delay. And finally, update your contact information with your bank, as well as the less important things like magazine subscriptions, online shopping websites, etc.

Make this move a journey to remember

As you’re moving all across the country, you have a unique chance to make this travel a journey to remember. Instead of getting a flight to LA, maybe it’s a great idea to drive from east to west. It could be a perfect opportunity to see some amazing places and views along the way and get to know the country a lot better. Prepare for the road and enjoy this amazing journey!

The USA map
Moving from Brooklyn to LA is the perfect opportunity to see some incredible nature spots along the way!

Bonus tip: We advise getting gas in smaller places. It’s cheaper and faster than in some big cities where you can easily get into a traffic jam and waste a lot of time.

Say goodbye!

Moving from Brooklyn to La is a huge life change, and your NYC life chapter requires a closure. It’s a great thing to throw a goodbye party, and have fun with your friends and relatives in NYC. This is an end of a life chapter and beginning of a new, exciting one, and this surely requires a celebration.

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