Brooklyn-esque neighborhoods around the world

Brooklyn just might be one of the most famous neighborhoods in the world. Many associates it with modern culture, hip residents, multicultural dining, great parks, and many other enticing things. In other words, this popular neighborhood represents overall trendiness and coolness. There is no doubt that this special New York borough has an exceptional charm to it. However, don’t think that there aren’t many more neighborhoods around the world that share the same or similar characteristics. Unfortunately for them, they just aren’t as popular. These neighborhoods can truly give Brooklyn a run for its money.

Cool and trendy neighborhoods around the world

If you are a BK fan it is very likely that you will fall in love with many of Brooklyn-esque neighborhoods we have on the menu for you. Some of these hip neighborhoods are in the US, while some aren’t. When visiting them, many wish to move from the US to any part of the world. That is how appealing these places are. But let’s not keep you on pins and needles. Here are our favorite Brooklyn lookalikes.

Park under the Brooklyn Bridge overlooking the Island of Manhattan during night time.
Parks and open space are some other great characteristics of Brooklyn.

District VII in Budapest, Hungary

Once upon a time, pre-World War this was a modest Jewish neighborhood. Today it is also known as Erzsébetváros and is one of the hot spots in the Hungarian capital. There are a few things that make this district a perfect home away from home. For example, if you are looking for a city abroad to move to with your best friend, this place must be a part of your favorites list. Bohemian bars, restaurants, and cafes are all over the place. They add a special flair to this area. When you top that of with exceptional architecture it is no surprise why District VII is considered the Hungarian Brooklyn.

Also, Budapest is known to be one of the most interesting and beautiful cities in Europe. So, you will have many other places to explore once you get to know this trendy neighborhood from top to bottom.

West Queen West in Toronto, Canada

Since Toronto is an extremely diverse city with a very large population, there is no surprise that a trendy neighborhood just had to be in it somewhere. So, when residents of Toronto want a funky night out, filled with fashionable people, trendy boutiques, and unique art galleries, they turn to a neighborhood called West Queen West. Our favorite fact about his place is the number of rooftop places that you can visit and enjoy during a light lunch or a fancy date night with your partner. If Brooklyn motivated you to move to NYC, this place can certainly motivate you to move to Toronto.

Rooftop bar overlooking a beautiful sunset.
All fans of rooftop bars and restaurants should visit West Queen West. The views are magnificent and the food and drinks are even better.

Over-the-Rhine in Cincinnati, Ohio

When you think about cool and trendy places in the US, you probably never think about Ohio. Well, think again. There are many neighborhoods around the world that can qualify as relatives to Brooklyn. This one is certainly one of our favorites. Since many of us are foodies, no wonder we love this place. In OTR there are countless restaurants and bars that provide superior service and even better food. Still, that isn’t the coolest part. Beer enthusiasts brace yourself. The Brewery District literary offers countless local and international beer options. Hopefully, you don’t try them all at once or you might be dangerously close to ending your night in the Brewery District.

Many young individuals that have settled in the countryside of Ohio visit this place when they need an injection of city life. What can be better than experiencing the best of both worlds?

Sodermalm in Stockholm, Sweden

There truly aren’t many neighborhoods around the world that represent boho-chic in such an impressive manner. This southern Stockholm neighborhood is home to many great bars, modern cafes, designer stores, and other popular establishments. Just like in many Brooklyn lookalikes, the art scene is more than impressive. Once you have filled up on the best Scandinavian dishes, you can enjoy live music and many museums and galleries. Also, if you are looking to find some extravagant but local designers, this is the place to be.

Fitzroy in Melbourne, Australia

Did you ever wonder does Brooklyn have a twin in the land Down Under? It sure does. The architecture is old school since this once was the first suburb in Melbourne. However, besides architecture, everything else is very modern and attractive. You can enjoy yourself in sports bars, small but charming cafes, and trendy restaurants. If you are into bar hopping, this is the perfect place for it. In addition to giving you the opportunity to have a good old time, this place will not leave art collectors disappointed. Melbourne on its own is a very interesting city. Fitzroy just gives in an additional yummy edge.

Colorful bikes in front of a great restaurant in Melbourne.
Melbourne is a large city with a funky culture. Visiting this place should most certainly be on your bucket list.

Moving to Brooklyn-esque neighborhoods around the world

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It is time to live a little

Brooklyn and all the other Brooklyn-esque neighborhoods around the world are meant for those that love life. What is the point of living in a place with great entertainment options and cultural meccas if you don’t plan on enjoying them? If you feel like you have been sheltered for some time now, one of these neighborhoods might be the perfect new home for you. Let loose and start living! Life is too short, so don’t let it pass you by.

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