Commuting from NJ to NYC explained

New Jersey is separated from New York City by the Hudson River and the two cities are very close. That is why most people prefer to live in NJ and commute to work in NYC. The commute between them may seem simple enough but with the sheer number of commuting options, it can get complicated. So let us try to explain the options for commuting from NJ to NYC.

NJ And NYC relation

As much as NYC is attractive to live and work, it presents a set of problems for the majority of people. The city tends to be overcrowded and just too expensive. It seems that the rent and housing prices are too high and parking space is at a premium. Using a car in New York tends to be too expensive with parking and garage leasing. This is the reason why people tend to avoid living in NY and opt to find more reasonable living conditions in neighboring NJ.

Jersey City waterfront you can enjoy if you opt for living in NJ and communting from NJ to NYC
New Jersey offers a lot more relaxed and quiet lifestyle

New Jersey has many advantages over NYC that are significant and valuable. First of all the housing is much cheaper and affordable. It is also easier to find a place to rent or buy. The taxes are lower and the state offers much more in terms of the better public schooling system. At the same time, Jersey is more family-friendly with its small-town laid back feel. It also offers beautiful scenery and nature. The Jersey shore with its 127 miles of coastline is perfect for its inhabitants. The state offers great nature, hiking, and perfect views and natural beauty.

So, these are some of the main points for living in NJ. More affordable living conditions, more space, and a relaxed atmosphere are perfect for professionals with families that find work in neighboring NYC. But before you call to arrange for your move, you should research your commuting options. The options are plentiful and that may cause confusion. So let us list a few with a detailed explanation:

  • PATH train,
  • NJ Transit train
  • Ferry
  • NJ Transit Bus or
  • Commute by car

PATH train

PATH train is an updated and modern underground system that links NJ and NYC. The system is very affordable and fast. It is well connected with both the public transit system of NJ and NYC providing a great overall connection to different locations. The PATH starts in Hoboken and covers Jersey City, Harrison, and Newark and runs to midtown Manhattan. The commute may take anywhere from 12 minutes to 30minutes depending on your starting point.

NJ Transit

The transit train is one of the busiest railway systems in the US. Its network covers the most part of Southern NJ and offers train lines that can transport commuters all the way to downtown Manhattan. The so-called A-train makes more stops and runs less frequently but it is great for those living in the suburbs. The commute may last from 30 minutes to an hour depending on your location. The system is reliable, comfortable and affordable and offers a great service for those commuting into NYC

A ferry on the Hudson River.
NJ Ferry is the fastest commuting option between NJ and NYC


The ferry system is considered the fastest transport into NYC. The ride lasts only 8 minutes across the river. The ferry runs across the Hudson River from eight terminals on the New Jersey side every 20 minutes. The transit is fast and simple for those living near the river. There is also a fast Seastreak Ferry that runs from Highlands and provides service for commuters living farther away. This ferry connects NJ to various NY ports and provides top of the line, comfortable ride into the city.

NJ bus

Using the NJ bus system is by far the most affordable way for transit into NYC. The Bus system has an intricate network of bus stations covering all of the commuter needs. The commute is fast and easy provided that it avoids traffic jams. However, if you travel during peak hours prepare yourself to be stuck in traffic so always leave extra time when planning your commute.

Commuting by car

Traveling by car to NY may not be as bad as it seams. In the off-peak hours, the commute is fast and easy. However, you must be prepared to get gridlocked in peak hours during the day. Drivers can use the Washington Bridge, Tappan Zee Bridge, or the Lincoln and Holland tunnels at their convenience. While the commute by car may be easy, the parking situation in NY can be difficult and perhaps too expensive making this transport option impractical.

Commuting from NJ to NYC

So, commuting from NJ to NYC does not have to be difficult. If you chose to move to NJ to avoid the hustle of New York you will have to get used to it. The options are there so you just have to choose the one that suits your needs.

George Washington Bridge
NJ and NYC are very well connected by bridges, tunnels, and a Ferry system

When relocating to NJ get informed about the transport connections and the best neighborhoods that will make your commute easier. You should let professional crews handle your relocation process while you plan and arrange your commute to NY. Also, have to consider the option of combining your travel options. For example, you can travel by car to a certain transportation hub and take the train, bus, or ferry to New York. This means that you must research the available garages near terminals that you can use. Also, research the parking fees and calculate your expenses. The experience shows that living in NJ and commuting to NYC can cause increased travel expenses. But if you factor in the casual lifestyle and more affordable living in NJ the commute will be acceptable.

With the NJ to NYC, travel options explained try to find the best solution for you. Be confident that you won’t regret your decision, despite numerous NYC neighborhoods you can choose for your new home location. Embrace the possibility of commuting from NJ to NYC to combine the best of both worlds.

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