How to rent your first storage unit?

Many of us depend on storage companies to store and secure safely our belongings that we do not wish to store in our home. However, renting your first storage unit might be a dreadful process if you are a rookie when it comes to storage renting. Naturally, you will have many questions during this process as you should. Here are a few most asked questions by those that are looking to rent their first storage unit.

Rent your first storage unit only once you know how much space you need

In this scenario, size does matter. Knowing how big of a storage unit you need is very important. The easiest way to determine the needed size of a storage unit is by making an inventory list. Make a list of things that you plan to store. This is especially important if you are looking to move into a smaller home. Surely, you will have more stuff to store if your new living space is on the smaller side. Once you have determined all that will be stored, make sure there is a little space leftover. It is very possible that something will need to be added to the storage list later on.

a girl in front of a storage unit
Know what type of storage unit you need

Get familiar with all the extra features that are offered

You are putting things in storage because you are lacking the extra space in your home. Once you store everything you want, you want your belongings to be safe and well-taken care of. Sometimes for this to happen, storage units should have extra amenities and features. Depending on your things, think about what do you need? Do you need your storage unit to be very secure? Do you need this space to be temperature regulated? How about insurance? There are many extra amenities that you might need. So, before you go ahead and rent your first storage unit, make sure you are certain what you need. Protecting your belonging and storage should always be a priority.

a security camera hanging of the ceiling
As a safety measure, some storage companies will have not only security cameras on storage sites but also security guards that patrol the storage area.

How much will a storage unit cost you?

For the most part, the cost of your storage unit will depend on the unit’s size, extra features, and requested renting time. This is another reason why it is very important for you to know exactly what you need and want. There is no need to pay for amenities that you don’t need. Most units are rented on a month-to-month basis, which is a great thing. This way you will not be obligated to rent storage for a full year if you want to store your stuff for only a few months.


Since you are looking to rent your first storage unit, be prepared to do some serious research. The more you know the better of you will be. Once you get ready to sign a storage contract, make sure you understand what your obligations as a renter are. In the end, with all the right preparations we are certain that you will rent the best possible unit for your storage needs.

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