Guide to settling down in the countryside

Moving to the countryside is a great idea and plenty of people have been doing this. There is just something about settling down in the countryside that people love. Living there is less stressful and also healthier. Both people with children and elderly people seem to be thinking about moving to the countryside this year to get away from all the noise and stress of living in a city. And if you are thinking about doing the same, we created this guide for settling down in the countryside.

Prepare for relocation

To make your settling down process much better, you have to prepare for your relocation properly. If you are moving your urban NYC home somewhere quiet, you should declutter your home. There is no need to move everything you own with you. This is only going to make your move larger which also means more expensive. Getting rid of certain things that you don’t need and use is a great way to prepare for relocation and a new beginning.

A pair of shoes on a wooden box and a camera next to them.
Declutter your home before moving.

Hire movers

As you will probably be moving to a smaller home across the country, you definitely need to hire movers for your relocation. Movers are there to make relocating much easier and faster. And if you want to settle down as quickly as possible, this is the solution. But you have to make sure that you hire a good moving company such as Transparent International NYC. Having a team of professionals by your side is never a bad idea.

When to move?

When moving to the countryside, it is best to avoid moving during the winter. A lot of towns and villages in the countryside don’t have very good roads, which can make moving a bit more complicated. It depends on where you are moving to but certain places in the countryside are also very cold and there is a lot of snow. This doesn’t make a good environment for settling down even though the countryside during the winter is the best place to be. Even if moving to NYC, it would be best to avoid moving during winter.

A house on a snowy day in winter.
Winters in the countryside can be very cold with a lot of snow so it could be a good idea to move before or after the winter.

Things you need to live comfortably in the countryside

Before settling down in the countryside, you need to know the things that you are definitely going to need in order to live there comfortably. One thing is for certain, you are going to need a car. There is no public transport in the countryside so the only way to get somewhere is by car. The second way to get to places is by bike, so if you don’t have one already, it might be a good idea to invest in one. As the countryside means living in nature, make sure you have all the proper medication with you and bug repellants. People who used to live in big cities aren’t used to a lot of bugs and plants. All this will make settling down in the countryside a lot better.

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