NYC neighborhoods you should consider for your move

New York City is big. For anyone moving there and unfamiliar with the Big Apple should definitely go through a research period. Before you choose your new home and make up your mind as to where you want to live, it would be beneficial to evaluate the New York City neighborhoods overall. Researching each neighborhood and community, and looking into real estate trends there will give you an idea of what it would be like to live there. In addition, before you do research, it would be good to know what you are looking for. Do you want a family-friendly neighborhood? Or, do you want a more urban, fast-paced neighborhood? There are many options when it comes to NYC neighborhoods you should consider. Therefore, without any further or due, let’s discover and explore them!

Moving to New York

Whether you are moving within New York or coming from further away, your relocation requires a plan. A well-structured plan with a solid timeline helps you maintain organization while getting everything done. As we have mentioned, there is an array of NYC neighborhoods you should consider. With a plan, you can rely on a checklist. Writing down everything you research will help you visualize everything. From the pros and cons of each to numbers and financial aspects, you will be able to come to a thought-out decision.

A view of Manhattan, one of the NYC neighborhoods you should consider.
Your NYC relocation can be smooth if you have a proper plan.

Moving Within the City

For example, if you are moving from within the city, such as from New Rochelle, it is still a good idea to have a plan. Just because the relocation doesn’t seem that long-distance, does not mean it cannot get messy. New Rochelle is located in Westchester County in the southeast of the state. In order to speed up your New Rochelle relocation and have it go smooth, a plan will help. When you work with guidelines, you are able to move faster as you make sure you cover everything important. 

Moving Internationally

Meanwhile, for individuals moving internationally, the importance of a plan increases that much more. For example, families coming all the way from Jamaica are making a long-distance trip. Moreover, for their relocation to be successful, they must consider the moving date, the exact neighborhood to move to, and how to find movers here. With an organized plan and enough research, everything becomes a lot simpler.

A view of NYC.
NYC offers numerous opportunities for everybody willing to live here.

NYC neighborhoods you should consider

When it comes to New York City neighborhoods, there are a lot of different areas to choose from. In the end, it all sort of depends on what your vibe is and where you see yourself long term. The first step within your research is to look at the best and most promising New York City neighborhoods to evaluate further. We’ll help you out with this step and list a few we think are well-deserving of a mention. In any case, whatever you choose, Forest Hills professionals handle your household relocation easily and in no time, so relocation will never be a problem.


Brooklyn is an up and coming neighborhood in New York City nowadays. Areas such as Williamsburg, Bedford-Stuyvesant, or Park Slope all have something to offer to its residents and visitors. The area has good restaurants and an old-school vibe, and it is much more affordable than some of the other neighborhoods out there. Monthly rent averages at around $2000.


If your interests include bars and restaurants that stay open very late, or you like being surrounded by socialites and trendsetters, then Chelsea is the place for you. Much more upbeat than some of the other areas also means higher rent. Monthly expenses for real estate can go up to $4000.

East Village

The area of East Village used to have a hippie and artist scene, but lately, it is more known for the many college residents that live in dorms nearby. Rent is about $2800 a month, and there are many good restaurants and bars to choose from. In addition, if you choose East Village you will definitely enjoy the culture, the nightlife and trying amazing food!


On the pricier side, Manhattan is another great neighborhood in New York City. Average rent ranks in the mid $3000s a month, however, it has many amazing amenities and surroundings. Parks, museums, rooftops, what is there not to love! If you want a little bit of everything, and be in the heart of New York City, then Manhattan is the place to choose.


Perhaps even a little more expensive than Manhattan, monthly rent here ranges at about $4000. Tribeca is the neighborhood where your building will have a doorman, and your apartment will have floor to ceiling windows. Need we say more? It also has many good restaurants, cool bars, interesting galleries, and much more.

Upper East Side

This neighborhood is a combination of affordable and expensive. The neighborhood is so big that anyone and everyone can find their place here. Rent averages in the high $2000s for the more affordable options. With plenty to see and experience in this neighborhood, such as the Metropolitan Museum of Arts, or the Guggenheim, the Upper East Side is another great area to live in.

The Big Apple

Our list of New York City neighborhoods is only a summary of what is out there. This why we emphasize the importance of research and a plan. It will help you narrow down your options and choices and help you visualize yourself and your lifestyle down the road. Another step to take into consideration before your relocation is to hire a moving company. With the overload of moving and everything that comes with it, having professionals take care of your belongings will take the stress out of the whole experience. So, explore the list of NYC neighborhoods you should consider and start planning. Get excited about your move to New York City! 

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