How to stage your home without breaking the bank?

If you are getting ready to sell your home you should consider what you can do to maximize its value before putting it on the market. Tidying up and making some small cosmetic changes can have a big effect. When you stage your home for potential buyers keep in mind that the goal is to make your home stand out. Professional home staging can be very expensive. The cost is determined mainly depending on:

  • the size of your home,
  • whether the stager will be staging with existing furniture and accessories or
  • the staging will require rental of furniture and accessories.

Staging your home yourself can save you a fair amount. If you are interested in how to stage your home without breaking the bank, we have some tips for you. Continue reading “How to stage your home without breaking the bank?”

Tips for moving in with your best friend – NYC edition

As New York is very expensive, a lot of people have roommates. And if you and your best friend are planning to be roommates in New York, you will definitely need some tips in order to make moving in with your best friend as stress-free as possible. We gathered some tips that are going to keep the tension away because the last thing you need is tension between you and your bestie. And if that sounds like something you were searching for, you came to the right place. Continue reading “Tips for moving in with your best friend – NYC edition”

Retiring in Staten Island – yay or nay?

So, you are considering retiring in Staten Island. Of course, you feel very excited about it. On the other hand, you are not completely sure that it is the right decision to make. For this reason, you feel stressed out and worried. There is no need for any of that. We are here for you. In this text, you will find some very useful information about retiring in Staten Island. We hope that it will be of some help to you. All you need to do right now is to continue with your reading. Enjoy! Continue reading “Retiring in Staten Island – yay or nay?”

How to protect your storage against pests

Having a storage unit is a real benefit. In one place, you can put all your belongings and know that they are secured properly. Using some of the best storage organization ideas for beginners is also helpful. However, when the springtime comes, keeping your goods in a storage unit can be problematic. In this case, we are talking about you having to protect your storage against pests. Keep in mind that this is a possible task to do. You just have to protect and secure your goods and your storage properly. We are now going to present to you a list of the things that you have to do. Continue reading “How to protect your storage against pests”

The challenges of moving with kids in New York

If you have ever moved, you know that some things you hear about relocation are true. For instance, packing is painfully boring and everyone knows that. However, another thing that we often hear is that moving is especially hard on children. And unfortunately, that is also a truth. Kids are emotional and fragile beings so things like this have a much bigger impact on them than on us. On the other hand, moving with kids in New York doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad experience if you plan everything as you should. We’ve made a list of things that can and will help you and your children during the relocation process. Continue reading “The challenges of moving with kids in New York”

NYC neighborhoods you should consider for your move

New York City is big. For anyone moving there and unfamiliar with the Big Apple should definitely go through a research period. Before you choose your new home and make up your mind as to where you want to live, it would be beneficial to evaluate the New York City neighborhoods overall. Researching each neighborhood and community, and looking into real estate trends there will give you an idea of what it would be like to live there. In addition, before you do research, it would be good to know what you are looking for. Do you want a family-friendly neighborhood? Or, do you want a more urban, fast-paced neighborhood? There are many options when it comes to NYC neighborhoods you should consider. Therefore, without any further or due, let’s discover and explore them! Continue reading “NYC neighborhoods you should consider for your move”

Moving to a smaller home across the country

Moving, in general, can be quite a demanding task. Likewise, moving to a smaller home across the country… well, it combines the two most difficult things. The first one is dealing with decluttering. And the second one is moving long-distance. However, if you have enough time to prepare, you will deal with it successfully. Continue reading “Moving to a smaller home across the country”