How to pick the right neighborhood before moving to NYC?

Moving to NYC is a big step. You are probably hoping to experience a new lifestyle, fulfill your career dreams and find an amazing apartment that you have always wished for. But how exactly should you pick the right neighborhood before moving to NYC? If you consider the list that we made you should be able to narrow down your choices.

Real estate costs

One of the first steps you should take is to figure out how much money you can afford to spend on your new home. Dreaming of a big apartment in a great area is nice but it could be too much for your budget. Housing costs are excessive, so they often repel potential homeowners. In NYC, rent is high and you may be inclined to go over your budget, but don’t do it. It is optimal to spend up to 30 % of your income on your rent. There is a trend in New York to spend almost 60 % of personal income on rent which is far from optimal. When you are calculating the amount of money that you need for renting a place you should include monthly utility bills. There are a few things that you should consider doing to save money on your NYC relocation. It is possible that after calculating the costs of accommodation you will have to settle for a smaller apartment. Possibly in one of the many emerging neighborhoods. This can be a good thing though as there are some great emerging neighborhoods in the NYC area.

Is a neighborhood safe?

There is no compromise when safety is in question. Even if you find affordability most important, safety must be a key factor. When looking for a neighborhood to live in, you should make sure that you feel comfortable in it and feel safe walking alone. You could go to the neighborhood you have your mindset on and spend some time there to see if it’s a good fit. Check local police records and crime statistics before making a final decision on moving there. When you find a safe neighborhood that fits your needs you can contact Divine Moving and Storage NYC for a stress-free move.

The word safety.
When looking for the right neighborhood to move into in NYC, safety should be one of the first things to consider.

Satisfying your lifestyle

People have different lifestyles. So, making a list of the things that make you happy and checking whether a neighborhood satisfies that list is a step in the right direction towards finding the right neighborhood for yourself.

People moving with pets should look for a neighborhood with lots of green public spaces. If you are planning to move with your pets you might want to see some tips on interstate relocation with pets. Families will probably look for a neighborhood with good schools and lots of parks and animation areas.

If you are looking towards taking walks through Central Park or enjoying views of the Hudson River then you should definitely find a way to make your Upper West Side relocation fast.

Quality of life

NYC is a city with a lot of commotion and it is said that the city never sleeps. Think about the noise levels you are ready to put up with. Do you prefer sleeping in and enjoying quiet nights or are you a person that leads a busy nightlife? You should consider these things as some clubs play loud music till the early hours of the morning and could cause restless nights for you.

The population density in NYC is very high with less than the optimal amount of livable square footage available. This might cause you to feel like you don’t have enough personal space.

You should probably visit some places where people meet to see what kind of people live in the neighborhood. If you have kids, you should go to playgrounds and parks. That way you will get a firsthand feel of the people and children that live nearby. A lot can be learned about the children that your kids may go to school with and their parents. Whilst doing all of this you should start thinking about how to find movers in different areas of NY, so that when you find a perfect place you can move there quickly.

Go around the neighborhood, visit places like the library, the nearest supermarket, and some restaurants just to get a feel for the place and to see whether you fit in.


When you are near public transport hubs such as subway or bus lines it is much easier to commute. Fortunately, NYC has one of the greatest public transport systems in the world. Having a public transport station near you will make getting around a lot easier.

An entrance to the Times Square 42nd Street Station.
Locating the major public transport stations can help you pick the right neighborhood before moving to NYC.

Pick the right neighborhood before moving to NYC

Moving to NYC can be exciting and somewhat difficult. If you want it to be a positive experience you need to choose the right neighborhood before moving to NYC. The most popular neighborhoods for newcomers are Manhattan and Brooklyn. If you are looking for a great place to relocate to within Manhattan you should find out more about Midtown. Located in the middle of Manhattan it offers a bit of everything that Manhattan has to give. If this is the place for you, rest assured that Midtown professionals are happy to assist your move.

Brooklyn Heights is near Manhattan and has a historical feel to it. This made it a popular place for families. Dumbo is situated in a good location between the Manhattan Bridge and Brooklyn Bridge. It has an advanced tech community. People feel it is worth paying the higher rent rates to live there. But if you are looking for more affordable accommodation you should expand your search to Queens. You can look up family-friendly and affordable neighborhoods like Forest Hills, Astoria, Sunnyside or Whitestone. Places like Flatbush, Crown Heights and Bay Ridge can offer you a strong sense of community, social diversity and low prices. Bushwick and Clinton Hill are places that attract young and artistic people. SoHo and Murray offer numerous entertainment options and a busy nightlife which attracts young people.

A house in Queens which you should pay attention to when considering the right neighbourhood before moving to NYC..
Queens can be your new neighborhood.

If you do not take the time to research and choose the right neighborhood for yourself, your nightmares could become reality. You need to consider how a move to a certain neighborhood could affect activities that you enjoy the most. As you look at various neighborhoods you must come up with a list of criteria for picking the right neighborhood before moving to NYC.

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