Tips for an interstate relocation with pets

Interstate relocation is, we can all agree, a process that is stressful and complex! You have to find a new home, sell the current one, pack and prepare everything for the relocation, and of course, say goodbye to everybody. But, when you add pets to your moving list, things get a lot more complicated, right? Absolutely! Now, besides preparing yourself and your belongings, you must also worry about your pets’ needs too! For them, the process of relocation can be even harder. Thus, start preparing ahead of time. Here are some tips for an interstate relocation with pets that may ease this transition.

Visit The Vet

The first thing you must do when preparing for an interstate relocation with pets is to visit the vet. You must do this at least two months before your moving date. And, why? Because most countries require a document that says that your pet got all the needed vaccinations and medications. This process of getting vaccinations and all the needed documents usually lasts for two months. Thus, do this before anything else. Moreover, ask your vet to check your pet’s health condition too! Make sure you get all the needed prescriptions as well as the information about transferring your pets’ medical records. Without this, moving with pets will not be possible.

A vet holding a puppy during an examination due to an interstate relocation with pets.
Interstate relocation with pets must start with a vet check-up!

Pack All Your Pets’ Things

The next thing you should do when preparing for an interstate relocation with pets is to pack all your pets’ belongings. This should be as easy as relocating household goods of any kind. You just need to buy all the necessary packing supplies and make sure you prepare and pack everything properly. The most important thing is to remember not to forget something your pet really loves. Relocation can be tough on them too! And, having familiar things can help them adjust to your new home more easily. Thus, pack your pet’s bed, toys, water and food bowl, blankets, collars and leashes. Moreover, while you are packing, be sure to move your pets away from all the action in order to avoid any possible accidents. 

A dog in a dog bed.
If you are moving with your pet, do not forget to bring all its stuff too!

Make Sure Your New Home is Pet-Friendly

Last but definitely not the least thing on your moving checklist is to find a home that is pet-friendly. This is especially important if you are moving with your dog, but still, it is one of those things a lot of people forget when moving with pets. Keep in mind that dogs have a lot of needs. They require a big yard and preferably a nice, green park nearby. With cats and other inside pets, it is going to be much easier. You just need to find a home that allows keeping ing pets inside. Do not forget about this step when preparing for your interstate relocation with pets.

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