How to save money when moving for retirement in NYC?

New York City is one of the most expensive cities in the whole world. But it is a good city for retirees. If you are going to be moving for retirement in NYC, you definitely want to save some money because moving can be very expensive. We gathered some tips for you that’ll make your move less expensive.

Hiring movers is a must when moving for retirement in NYC

One thing you can’t skip is hiring movers. Even though it doesn’t save you money directly, it does indirectly. What do we mean by this?  Well, if you rely on your family to do the relocation for you, a lot of things could go wrong. Some of your belongings could get damaged or even worse, somebody could get hurt. You can hire affordable labor only services for your move. It’s a good way to save money.

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Find a good moving company online.

But it is very important to be aware of scam moving companies. They are going to offer prices that are too good to be true and make you believe that that is the perfect way to save money when moving for retirement in NYC. So, the best way to help your senior parents relocate is to find them a good and reliable moving company. 

Save on packing supplies

You can’t save a lot of money on packing supplies as packing supplies aren’t expensive in the first place. But you don’t have to spend any money on it at all. You could search for what you have in your home that is going to be useful for packing. Ask your family too if they have some things that you could use.

You could even get some boxes for free if you don’t want to spend money on them. All you have to do is go to your local supermarket and ask the people working there if they have any boxes in the back that you could take. These boxes are often sturdy but they are dirty. So, you might want to use these boxes for certain things only such as books. Or you can use them for packing for storage.

Cardboard boxes.
Cardboard boxes aren’t expensive but you could get them for free.

Plan your move months in advance

Planning your move months in advance can certainly save you some money and save you from forgetting to complete certain tasks. Some moving companies offer discounts for people who do this because it makes it easier for them to plan out your move. Last-minute scheduling can cost you extra so make sure you don’t leave this for the last minute.

Declutter your home

While you are packing, make sure you get rid of unnecessary items. Moving things that you don’t need is only going to make your move more expensive. Getting rid of these things is also going to make your new chapter fresher and nicer.

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    I was not looking forward to this move, and I felt pretty stressed out on a moving day, but the movers were great and did all they could to take the anxiety out. I would like to say a special thanks to Steve and his team for a wonderful job!
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