Leaving NYC 101

So, you want to leave NYC? Bold move. New York is the modern-day equivalent of Venice, Rome, Paris, and many other great historic cities. New York is one of the most important centers of today’s world, and on its own it deserves respect. However, New York City can sometimes be unbearable. All this traffic, never-ending stream of people and vehicles, constant noise, and many other things can make one wish to get away from New York City. And trust us, you are not alone. And don’t get us wrong, New York is one of the best places in the US to live in. Sometimes, you need to go with your job, and staying in New York is not an option. Whatever the case is, let us explore the upsides and the downsides of leaving NYC, and how to leave it. Let’s begin!

Leaving NYC on your own?

Don’t leave New York City on your own. Although many of your NYC friends may tell you that leaving NYC on your own is a good idea – it is not. Moving without the help of a moving company is fine if you’re moving just a few blocks away. But for anything that is further than that is not advisable. Unless you want to stay anonymous like our heroes in the TV show Breaking Bad, you should never move on your own without the help of a reliable and professional moving company like Johnson & Daly Moving and Storage. Why hire a moving company you may ask? Well, there are a few reasons why.

You may hurt yourself

Hurting yourself is bad on its own. But if you add to that the potential medical costs, you will see that your friend’s calculation is wrong. Those medical costs, as we all know, can be astronomically high, especially if you don’t have insurance. And even if you do, why bother trying to prove to an insurance company that your case is valid. To avoid that hustle, and to save yourself from potential injury and loss of money, hire a moving company that can help you leave New Your like a decent human being.

What if you break something you own?

While trying to leave New York on your own, you will have to carry heavy and bulky, and sometimes even fragile stuff. And when you are carrying those stuff, there is a chance that you’ll damage or break something you own. And you really don’t want that to happen. Repairing and/or replacing your damaged stuff can easily be more expensive than hiring a professional moving company. So, do a smart thing and hire a reliable moving company.

Still not convinced?

You don’t have a truck. That’s all. You probably do not have the right machinery and the right kind of vehicles to execute relocation on your own. If you do, then what are you waiting for? Start your own moving company! If you have the resources, go for it. But you’ll have to pay your workers every month, and a large portion of your income will go on taxes. If you have a truck then maybe you should move on your own. But if you are from NYC, we doubt that you have one. So, get in touch with the right moving company, and hire them.

Truck and lorry as one.
Leaving NYC on your own? You don’t have a truck.

Have you considered storage as an option?

If you need storage, you can always find it with Johnson & Daly Moving and Storage. Storage is a great thing, and hiring a storage unit is almost always beneficial. You just need to know how to pack for storage.

Leaving NYC – what will you love?

Let’s be honest for a moment. Sometimes it may seem like New York is too hectic and anxious. Everyone is going everywhere, and sometimes that can seem strange. Who are those people, and where are they running? Are they really experiencing life, or are they just in their concrete prison? This is not a philosophical text, and we’re going to leave that for you to analyze if you want. Whatever the case is, New York is too fast and furious. Maybe you just want to step back and play your piano. But you’ll have to move it first!

Cabs in NYC.
Where are those people going?

Calmer life

New York City is one of the most important cities in the world. But that also can have some disadvantages. For example, New York is noisy and unbelievably fast-paced. You may notice that people from smaller communities tend to walk and talk way slower than what you are used to, and that can even be annoying at first. But, you will find that almost therapeutic later. Many people who move from hectic urban environments like New York notice that they have found certain kinds of peace in smaller communities. And that is why many people who have lived in New York yearn for the countryside.

Tree in a distance.
You will discover a whole new world outside of NYC.

What will you miss?

It’s no wonder why New York is one of the world’s largest cities. It has everything, and it is in the center of everyone’s attention. New York is a place where many things happen first – from economic decisions to art movies. Just know that there would be some things in New York that you’ll miss, and that may be for the best.

Trends come way later

Living in New York has many benefits. Having to experience many new art pieces and experimental fashion is one of them. If you’re leaving NYC for LA, you might not notice that kind of shift. But if you go somewhere else, you’ll notice that trends come way later than in New York. This is because many artists and companies target New York first. If you consider yourself to be a very trendy person who is always in touch with the latest trends, you may find out that New York is really special in that regard. But that may be for the best.

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