Fun things to do in Gramercy Park, NYC

Are you thinking of moving to the legendary neighborhood where John F. Kennedy and Teddy Roosevelt once lived? That’s right, Gramercy Park is one of the most desirable neighborhoods not just because of its famous park, but because of its residents as well. There’s no doubt it’s one of the most wonderful areas to call home in NYC. But, apart from the stunning architecture and privately owned park, what are some fun things to do in Gramercy? Below are some of the best ways to spend time after you move to this beautiful NYC area.

Visit the National Arts Club

If you’re wondering where New Yorkers are moving this year, believe us that Gramercy is on top of their lists. However, not everyone can afford to live in this upscale neighborhood. If you’re one of the lucky ones, don’t miss out on anything The National Arts Club has to offer. No matter where you live in the neighborhood, this stunning Victorian building is hard to miss. Velvet colored walls, stained glass ceiling, all packed in an old gracious NYC mansion – we bet it already sounds like one of the top things to do in Gramercy, right? Conveniently located in Gramercy Park South, it was originally a meeting place for artists and their patrons. Today, it remains a cultural institution that hosts events in various fields of art.

Whether it’s public events, gallery showings, lectures or performances – it truly is the neighborhood’s cultural center. You can even start an artistic hobby in one of the workshops! Worried about the equipment? It can easily fit into one of our storage facilities – there are no excuses for getting creative!

art workshop you can attend as one of the fun things to do in Gramercy
Becoming a member of the National Arts Club comes with all sorts of benefits, such as art workshops and even a key to the Gramercy Park!

Get a key to the park

The central point of the neighborhood belongs to the pristine oasis that is The Gramercy Park. Ay, but here’s the rub – the access is available only to those who have the key. Yes, in fact, it’s the only private park in Manhattan and the whole country has only two more! Over the years, since the gates were locked in 1844, it has become a symbol of aspiration and exclusivity. But if you end up a resident of this wealthy area, how do you pass the gate? Don’t worry, as it can be bought for $350, and you’d be eligible as a resident. There are other ways to get the key as well, such as becoming a member of the National Arts Club or The Players Club. That way, you can retain the privilege of visiting this preserved green space even after you move out of your house in Gramercy Park. Also, the park is open for everyone on Christmas Eve for only an hour, which is the only chance for non-residents to marvel at its beauty.

Walk around the Union Square Park

And although Gramercy Park is the fenced jewel of this neighborhood, there are still equally beautiful green areas around. The one that isn’t closed to the public and which anyone can enjoy is exactly Union Square Park. Historically, it was a park where union members and labor activists assembled and held protests. Nowadays, it’s especially popular for it’s Union Square Green Market, which takes place every week in the park. Stroll the eclectic mix of stalls offering everything from baked goods to locally grown produce. In winter it’s especially reminiscent of European Christmas markets where you can find the most original presents for your family and friends. The park itself is adorned with statues of George Washington, Lincoln, and Gandhi, to name but a few. There are seating areas of all sorts – whether its benches, grass, you name it. On a clear day, this park is a hive of activity, but at the same time a much quieter and calmer alternative to Times Square.

Christmas market at Union Square Park
Visiting the Christmas Market at the Union Square Park is hands down one of the most fun things to do in Gramercy Park

Rock music venues as one of the fun things to do in Gramercy

Another one of the fun things to do in Gramercy which is open to the public is visiting the music venues. Now, the best two spots where Gramarcy Park can offer you quality live music are Irving Plaza and The Gramercy Theatre. If you’re looking for a place with rich rock history, then, by all means, visit Irving Plaza. It has hosted great names like U2, Bob Dylan, the Ramones, Paul McCartney, etc. The best part about it, however, is the fact that it’s an intimate venue with a capacity of 1.2000, giving a sense of private gig experience. The Gramercy Theatre, on the other hand, is a theater turned old school rock venue. The sound system and acoustics of this place are arguably among the best there is, and there’s lots of space for the standing crowd too. If you’re an aspiring musician, moving here will mean being at the heart of the NYC music scene. If you’re worried about your studio equipment, a reputable company like Heart Moving Manhattan New York City will happily take care of it. Moving to this neighborhood surely is every rocker’s dream!

rock concert in Gramercy Theater
Gigs in intimate spaces are what live music venues in Gramercy Park are all about

Dine at one of the restaurants

As a compromise meeting spot between uptown and downtown Manhattan, this neighborhood is easy to stumble upon. And as goes with luxurious areas that have private parks and posh brownstones, here you’ll find fine dining as well. Grab a bite at Maialino, which is the most famous restaurant in Gramercy Park. It’s actually part of the legendary Gramercy Park Hotel, which gives it a sense of elegant appeal. Trying their breakfast menu is a must if you plan to fit in as a resident. In fact, the perfect way to celebrate your relocation is to go out for a meal and enjoy the view of ‘the’ park. IF that’s not one of the fun things to do in Gramercy Park upon arrival, we don’t know what is. Plus, it can all easily be arranged if you contact the right moving company and have a stress free relocation.

Other options such as AbcV offer all kinds of delicacies for veggie lovers, while French food is best in L’Express. If you’re in for delicious bites of Spanish tapa, don’t hesitate to try them at Casa Mono. Truth be told, you can’t go wrong with any of these options!

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