Where are New Yorkers moving this year?

Over the last couple of years, New York is leading in the number of residents leaving for other states. Some of the reasons for such a trend are the weather, taxes, and housing options. Others may be due to the fact that NY has become more crowded than ever. From the subways to the streets you will hardly see a part that is not filled with people or cars. At least, that’s the situation in the most urban parts, while suburbs are still offering more room for fresh air. Where are New Yorkers moving this year? Probably to the southern parts.

Where are New Yorkers moving this year? – Here are the most popular destinations

Let’s get this right, NY is a very good place to live. It offers a lot of opportunities for people to succeed, especially for young professionals. However, the other places are prospering and improving as well. This, in return, results in viable job options in other parts of the states. Also, the opportunity to find more affordable places to live, and to enjoy warmer climate conditions than in NY increases. Southern and western parts are becoming more attractive than northern parts and it seems like it’s not going to change. The most popular destinations for New Yorkers are:

  • Florida
  • Texas
  • California
  • Suburbs


According to the latest trends, Florida is the most popular destination in general. Lower taxes and incredible weather are the main reasons people are moving there. But that’s not all. Some banks and large companies are seizing the momentum to establish their offices in Florida. Likewise, even startup companies are choosing the Sunshine State for their HQ. Lower taxes, improved job market, available workforce, and affordable homes are some of the reasons for both residential and commercial moves.

Miami Beach - if you wonder: where are New Yorkers moving this year.?
Miami Beach will always be a beautiful place.


Leaving NYC and relocating to Texas comes with many benefits. It doesn’t have to be the necessarily lower cost of living that attracts people to move to Texas. But the size of the household you get for the same amount of money is significant. In addition, the lack of state income taxes gives you the opportunity to save a lot every year. Not to mention the weather. On top of that, the retiree program for people older than 65 is a major thing in Texas.

Dallas, Texas skyline.
Even though some parts of Dallas might remind you of New York, it’s totally different.


Beautiful natural landscapes, appealing climate conditions, evergrowing art scenes, and the entertainment industry. Needless to say more. Coupled with some lower living expenses, these are the main reasons why many New Yorkers are choosing to move to California. Especially to Los Angeles. You have plenty of opportunities to work in entertainment, media, consulting, and the high tech industry in metropolitan areas in California. And, just like in Texas, you can have a larger home for the same price, including the yards.


One interesting thing about New Yorkers moving trends is that more and more people are moving to suburban parts of the greater NYC area. Most of those types of residents are families. However, the increased number of young professionals are showing interest in suburbs. This is a great option if you want more affordable housing options and don’t want to spend your money on trendy and overpriced NY lifestyle. Moving to suburbs should not be a problem because there are websites of moving companies like movers101.com where you can make the best deal about your “half-local” moving.


So, where are New Yorkers moving this year? Well, the truth is wherever they can find less crowd, lower costs of living, more affordable housing, and yet enough entertainment options. Living in New York is indeed what a vast number of people dream of but it comes with certain challenges not everybody can meet. When New Yorkers realize this, they start their search for a more appropriate home location.

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