Moving to Brooklyn from another state on a budget

Brooklyn will become your home? Your budget is not that big and you cannot spend a lot of money. That should stop you from moving because there are some tips and tricks that will cut some of the moving costs. You can move to New York and still save money. Moving to Brooklyn from another state doesn’t have to be expensive.

Tips for moving to Brooklyn from another state and saving money

How to save money when moving to Brooklyn? It is a well-known fact that NYC is one of the most expensive cities, so you will need money after moving too. Yes, living in Brooklyn is a little cheaper than living in Manhattan, but still, the costs of living are higher than the national average. So, one of the solutions is to save money for rent, utilities, and adjusting to a new life.

Calculating the costs of moving to Brooklyn from another state
Before you move, set a budget for moving to Brooklyn from another state

If hiring a mover, start searching early

Hiring a moving company is sometimes cheaper than moving by yourself, and of course, a much safer option for your belongings. But, if you do want to hire a mover for moving to Brooklyn from another state, then you should start immediately with searching and researching. If you are moving during the season, companies charge more. So, if you are able, move during the fall or winter and you will save money. You have a tight budget, but you should never choose a company according to their low price. Preferred Movers NH is one of the companies that have good service and price at the same time.

Negotiate with a moving company

Choose a couple of moving companies and compare their bids. It is always an option to negotiate to get the best deal for your relocation. If you are moving a business to Brooklyn, offer them your services in exchange for a better price, for example. Almost every reliable and reputable company will understand you and they will try to find the best solution for your price range.

Don’t pack a lot of items

Sort and purge and, then pack. Moving cost depends on the distance between Brooklyn and your current location and the size and weight of your move. Of course, the distance is something you cannot change, but a number of items, you can.

Get rid of some items. Sell, donate or, if they are too old and damaged, throw them away. Sometimes it is cheaper to buy a new piece of furniture than to move the old one – especially if it is a long-distance move.

Find free moving boxes

For packing, you will need packing boxes – but, you don’t have to buy all of them. When packing by yourself, which is a more affordable option, you should use new and firm boxes on fragile and sensitive items. But, for soft items, clothing, linens, you can use boxes from supermarkets, for example. Other places where you can get free moving boxes are bars, local stores, or from your friends.

Also, if you will pack by yourself, ask friends to help you, and you will save money by not hiring professional packers.

Piggy bank.
When moving, every dollar is important, so spend it wisely

Sell your car

Why you should not move your car to Brooklyn? Why is it not affordable to do?

  • Transporting a car is not a cheap task. You should prepare all the documents and prepare your car too. Moving to Brooklyn from another state with a car requires a lot of preparations that costs.
  • Driving in NYC is not affordable and possible. Lack of parking spaces, traffic is crazy, most people use a subway.

Be ready for compromises

Finding an apartment you want in Brooklyn is hard. Prices are high and most apartments are small. Be open to making compromises before and after moving. Compromises when packing, when finding an apartment, maybe you will need t find a roommate too. Life in Brooklyn is probably different than you used to.

Choose affordable neighborhood in Brooklyn to move to

Brooklyn has expensive and some more affordable neighborhoods where you can move. It is not enough just to save money when moving, but also, after moving too. Rent is one of the major costs in NYC. There are neighborhoods in Brooklyn for young couples, families with kids, young professionals, etc. Research the real estate market and choose a location that is cheaper, rather than spending a fortune on bills.

Moving from New Hampshire to Brooklyn

The average distance between NH and Brooklyn is about 300 miles, and for distances like this, it is more affordable to hire a moving company. Of course, before you hire one, do research and find the best and affordable moving company that will give you the best deal. New Hampshire has to offer great packing services too, so you don’t need to bother with packing moving boxes.

Brooklyn bridge.
Brooklyn is a beautiful part of NYC, and it has a lot to offer, that’s why people move here

Moving from New Jersey to Brooklyn

The distance between NJ and Brooklyn is not big, but local relocations are often underestimated. People from New Jersey have a lot of reasons to move to Brooklyn such as a better job market, more opportunities, events, etc. if you have experience in moving, you can consider a DIY move to Brooklyn from NJ, especially if you live near the NYC.

Moving from Connecticut to Brooklyn

You only have 2 or 3 hours to Brooklyn, so you can consider a DIY move. But, keep in mind that you will still need to rent a moving truck which costs too. So, before you decide to take the relocation into your hands, calculate how much it is affordable. Moving to Brooklyn from another state such as Connecticut, won’t be expensive but if you are moving from Arizona, Florida, California, etc. you should save more money.

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