Best neighborhoods in Brooklyn for young couples

So, you and your significant other want to move to Brooklyn in New York? How romantic. And not only that, it is a smart choice. Brooklyn is one of the five boroughs of New York, and it is maybe the most famous one (excluding Manhattan). And New York City is one of the most important cities in the world. What was once Venice and Paris as cities of love, today it is New York, a world center of love. But not only that, New York is one of the most important business, trade, fashion and culture centers of the world. Many people from all around the world flock to New York and that makes New York a real metropolitan and international city. And inside of New York, there is Brooklyn. A borough that is just perfect for young couples. So, what are the best neighborhoods in Brooklyn for couples?

Let’s find out!

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Best neighborhoods in Brooklyn for young couples

Young couple enjoying coffee and talking about the best neighborhoods in Brooklyn for young couples.
So, what are the best neighborhoods in Brooklyn for young couples?

There are many reasons why you should move to Brooklyn as a young couple. Brooklyn has many neighborhoods, and most of them are perfect for young couples. However, some are better than others. Also, to decide which neighborhood is for you and your partner, you’ll need to set your priorities straight. You will have to think about your budget, and what can you afford. You will have to see if you can find a job if you don’t have one, in the neighborhood. Also, there are personal preferences. Where do you and your significant other want to live in Brooklyn? And what do you expect from your new neighborhood? To set those matters straight, we present your best neighborhoods in Brooklyn for young couples.

Brooklyn Heights

Brooklyn Heights is located right across the river from Manhattan. This is where you can find this beautiful neighborhood. If you are tired of the crowd, you will most certainly enjoy this quiet and peaceful place. Its atmosphere is very romantic, with streets paved with cobblestone, and with many trees that surround those cobblestone streets. Brooklyn Heights has many beautiful parks and views. And you and your significant other will most certainly enjoy the scenery of Brooklyn Heights. There are numerous taverns, bars, and restaurants. You should check out the Brooklyn Heights Promenade and New York Transit Museum. Many people decide that Brooklyn Heights is the right place to start a family. If you are looking for a romantic and quiet and beautiful place than know that Brooklyn Heights is a place for you!


Williamsburg scenery is pretty.
Williamsburg is quite romantic.

If you or your significant other are an artistic kind then know that Williamsburg is the right place for both of you. This a trendsetter’s neighborhood. It is one of the best Brooklyn neighborhoods for young couples. And yes, this neighborhood is very popular with young people. It is one of the favorite places for young professionals and millennials.

There are two sides of Williamsburg – north, and south. One of them has more of a Manhattan kind of vibe, and others have a more authentic Brooklyn atmosphere.


DUMBO neighborhood under the bridge.
DUMBO is one of the best Brooklyn neighborhoods for young couples.

We are going to continue with the artistic neighborhoods of Brooklyn. Next to Williamsburg, this is also a place where you can find a lot of artists. Also, you can find a lot of IT people here. Many tech industries have been born here over the last few years. DUMBO has a higher rent than Williamsburg. This is why residential moving is good for you. You can find many restaurants and bars here where both IT people and artists love to eat, drink and party. And if you are confused by the name of the neighborhood, know that DUMBO stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. This is because DUMBO is located on New York City’s hot spot – Manhattan Bridge.


We will finish our tour through the artistic neighborhoods of Brooklyn with the center of New York City’s art scene. Bushwick is located just outside of Williamsburg, and like Williamsburg and DUMBO, it houses a lot of artists. Bushwick was once full of abandoned warehouses, and now those warehouses are turned into galleries and art studios. Rent in Bushwick is lower than in Williamsburg, so if you want to save up some money, we recommend Bushwick.

Crown Heights

Surprisingly, Crown Heights is relatively affordable, although many wealthier residents live here. This is an upcoming place, and it is one of the best neighborhoods in Brooklyn for young couples. It has some of the best restaurants NYC has to offer. So try Crown Heights, you won’t regret it. 

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